Review of Dorsal Root Ganglion (DRG) Stimulator Trial

I began my DRG Trial Friday, December 1. It was performed as outpatient surgery. My actual time in surgery was close to two hours.

I was met at Surgical Center by three female reps wearing St Jude labels. I discovered later that St Jude was purchased by Abbot Labs who probably manufacture the Stimulator.

I was hooked up to IV and wheeled into Operating Room. I them climbed onto table onto stomach with knees and arms supported. I was awake when Dr gave me shots on each side of sacrum and then blessedly was given anesthesia while they placed four leads at S1 and S3.

After leads were placed I was awakened when Stimulator was activated. This did not hurt. I just felt light current in right leg, pelvis and buttock. Once they knew equipment was operational I was rolled to recovery.

I recommend anyone interested in this procedure google This gives pictures of backside lead placement and placement of generator. And yes your backside will really look like picture.

They began me at 33% current and I am about 58% now. I am able to sit better although driving is still a problem. I had a lot of spasms and tightness in perineum below rectum and pain in sacrum. I say I'm 30% better. I have not experienced any sacrum pain and intensity of spasms has decreased. I continue taking Lyrica and Tramadol as suggested by Dr. I am not in as much pain and some days have taken only one Tramadol.

Everyone will need to read previous posts to understand I never had some of the severe groin, pelvic or vaginal pain suffered by many. My Pain was strictly under rectal area and sacrum.

I will have temporary Stimulator removed Thursday and plan to have permanent implant performed.

I expected once DRG was working Pain would immediately dissipate. The Rep explained the longer you have implant the more relief you will experience. My Pain has been with me for seven years. My nervous system and brain will have to learn how to work together without brain signaling "you are in pain."

Sorry post is so long but hope it will help others. Feel free to ask any questions. Rocky68

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  • So glad you feel that much relief during trial. When you have the implant placed you’ll have even more relief. Good news!!!

  • So glad you found my post. I tried to honestly critique results. My daughter asked if I was sure I wanted the implant and I told her after seven years of pain and numerous procedures you will go for anything that offers relief. Rocky68

  • Tell me about it!!! I would love if I had 30% relief. Why wouldn’t you want the implant, you can even get more relief. After all this time my devise is just at 50%. We increase once a week and not too much at one time. Maybe there still is a chance for me. How much Lyrica do you take?

  • I take 75 mg twice a day. I went from 33% up to 58% in just a few days. Did your rep say to go up just once a week? Rocky68

  • No, we really aren’t in contact. Not good. We have been doing this on our own. Seeing the Dr next Weds., and the rep will be there. We will see what happens.

  • Marcia. What did Dr and Rep say when you met with them this past week? Rocky68

  • The Rep wasn’t at the appt which I was upset about but I think it was partially my fault. He ended up coming to my house the next day. The Dr appointment was a little upsetting because I have to accept being on pain meds the rest of my life. I was hoping the implant would prevent that. We are still doing adjustments though, one never knows. A little down today but wanted to get back to you. Did you make an appointment for the implant?

  • Yes. It's January 5. All my problems are back and like you I'm really down. Did the Cannabis Oil not help? Someone had posted magnesium glycinate (sp) had helped. I'm going to read up on that. Rocky68

  • The appointment is this Weds. I will let you now. Did u make an appointment for the implant???

  • I have my permanent implant three weeks from today on January 5. I have almost forgot how well I felt with temporary implant. Ideally you could try it for a couple of weeks so you could heal from bruising and do activities you normally do outside your home. What did Rep and Dr decide regarding your implant?Rocky68

  • They have to see when they can get room at Surgical Center and approval by insurance company. I told them I'd like it asap and am hoping for 12/22 but doubt they can pull everything together that quickly. I recovered from trial Stimulator surgery so well and hope I'll do same for implant. Rocky68