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Pelvic pain can barely walk pls help


Hi everyone, I'm a 30 year old woman and I have 3 children my youngest is 14 months delivered by c-section, for the past 12 months I have had the most excruciating pelvic pain! I can walk short amounts like from the car to the school gates but then I'm limping in agony on the way back to the car, I can't lift my legs by myself either. If been back and forth to the doctors and I'm being sent for a pelvic ultrasound and an Mri, just recently iv also been having an awful twisting pain when going to the toilet (no2) like my whole bowl is twisting and then the pain goes after a couple of minutes, could this be related? I'm needing to urinate more frequently aswel, does anyone have any idea what could be going in with Me? Thank you in advance for any replies x

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Hi Carla

I've just replied to this post on another forum. Fibromyalgia I think ??

There is a bladder and bowel helpline 9am till 5pm Mon - Fri.

01926 357220

They can put you in touch with your Area's Continence Adviser / Nurse. Sometimes you can get an appointment quickly and have a bladder scan. I think the service offered varies from area to area. Some women get a good Women's Health Physiotherapist to help with pelvic floor problems following child birth.


Hi Carla

I have experienced very similar pains a number of years ago - both the pelvic and bowel pains you describe, although for not such long periods as I was hospitalised when it got that bad. Can't believe you are still soldering on! I was eventually diagnosed with Pelvic Inflammatory Disease and given antibiotics. I am worried my symptoms are returning in a milder form and reading about PID now 7 years later there seems to be more information on this. It doesn't say anything about bowels but I believe it is all connected. I have also had bouts of UTIs and also a kidney infection around the same time. I think it messes up everything. From what I know about fibromyalgia this ones not sound like that but more specific. Get your doctor to check you for Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. Hope this helps and good luck. Be persistent. X

Kimple123 in reply to Amy8

Hey. I'm intrigued. Mine is similar but mainly in tailbone area. But tweeks and nips when going to toilet. My hips ache on and off. When they are sore they are v sore. Then other days they not affected at all.

Seeing consultant next week. Iv googled (of course!) and found the below which matched symptoms and seemed plausible as I had nasty complications after having my son 4 years ago.

PID Iv not heard of. I must look it up.


I have bad tailbone pain. Seeing consultant next week. I wouldn't be surprised if was after childbirth they did damage to innards as I'd do may complications.

Just putting this out there. If you just had baby it could be nerve damage. Good thing is though you have a chance of it getting better. 4 years in for me I doubt it.

I have had extremely bad tailbone pain for going on four year's now. Have had two MRI's of which were essentially normal. I went literally overnight from being a runner/daily gym-goer, to being on all sorts of meds to try and stop the terrible burning and aching in my tailbone, and they burning/pins & needles in my feet. Anyone with similar issues that can offer advice other than Fibromyalgia? Which to me, seems to be the answer to everything new a doctor cannot explain.

Hello, have you thought about endometriosis? I had very similar symptoms as you after three c-sections and multiple minor female surgeries. The pain was terrible and it went on for quite a while because absolutely NOTHING showed up on any scans, MRI's, etc. It wasn't until doc opened me up for a partial hysterectomy that they saw I was full of. It had attached itself to my bowels, my bladder, it had taken my right ovary and completly whipped it around up underneath my uterus and nailed it down to my tailbone area. So, you might want to look into setting a GYN in you area that specializes in Endometriosis. I say this after having it come back on me twice with nothing left for it to attach to BUT organs.

But nerve damage is REAL. I suffer from it in my tailbone area daily and now I'm told it is neuropathy and that it could also be fibromyalgia. Research Endo for your symptoms.

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Really sorry to hear your endo is so vicious, I hope Carla the original poster can see this too. I'm replying too you as what you said struck a cord, it was only during a cyst removal by keyhole that I was diagnosed with Endo in 2012, apparently mild though my cyst was hiding around an organ or two and was nasty in their words a chocolate cyst (old blood.)

I have been diagnosed with a different condition since 2017 on MRI scan my gynaecologist detected Adenomyosis which is the lining of the womb the endometrum shedding cells into the womb so there are lesions etc inside the womb making it swolen, boggy, enlarged by up to 3 times, it has extra blood flow and causes anxiety depression and chronic fatigue. My son is almost 4 and every month since he was born I've got worse. This condition can be present in women pre childbirth and I believe every surgery in the area makes it more vicious as that's new tissue new cells spreading etc.

My pain in the coxics has gotten so bad I am showing on MRI as 3 discs bulging, I'm feeling like I have an internal bum bag strapped on with bricks inside me. Peeing during the time of the month and passing stool can be horrendous. I'm often hit with stabbing pains that feel ovarian, particularly in the right side, I've progressed to having cramps all month and back ache.

Unfortunately the disease is hard to diagnose and is often found post hysterectomy on investigation of the womb..mine showed up on MRI, my specialist is also a surgeon so he knows what he is doing and what to look for.

Unfortunately my choice is to have a hysterectomy this coming May and I will be having an Oopherectomy with nothing left behind. I get massive bleeds and clotting during menstruation with 2 days beside a toilet bedridden.

I'm really hoping it's my last ever surgery in the area.

I just wanted to confirm what you said which is unfortunately on many cases these conditions are not picked up until laparoscopy or hysteroscopy surgery.

Good luck, I hope your endometriosis clears off.


It sounds a lot like endometriosis and/or adhesions, especially with the bowel pain. I agree with the above reply about getting a referral to a gynaecologist who specialises in endometriosis. If you’re in the UK look up BSGE accredited endometriosis centres in your area.

Take care x

It definitely sounds as RachaelE has said- endometriosis or adhesions. Especially after having a c-section.

I have had 2 c-sections and eventually a hysterectomy because of severe pelvic pain,problems with the bowel,the bladder and very heavy bleeding between periods.

Unfortunately during the hysterectomy my cervix was completely stuck with adhesions to my bowel & bladder,so the surgeon left the cervix in.Then 18 months later my pain came back and I needed another op to remove the cervix,the adhesions had luckily unstuck enough for it to be removed.

Now 2 years later I am back to square one with severe abdominal pain,awaiting results of MRI which the surgeon thinks will show adhesions or maybe even the return of endometriosis !

Hope you soon find out what's the matter x

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