Hello everyone I'm new here

I've been experiencing intense Pelvic pain and lower abdominal pain for about 10 months now. I previously had PID early 2016 and was given antibiotics to clear it. Then during mid 2016 the pain was always on and off causing me to bleed for a couple of days. My GP referred me to get an ultrasound and nothing showed and was told I'm fine. Then starting from October the pain has just been there non-stop I'm really miserable and the pain is so bad I can't sleep well at night. Fast forward 7 months I decided to go to a different place and get a pelvic scan and it showed I have a 3 small fibroids however the sonographer claims that the fibroids can not be the cause of my pain. I have regular periods however the pain intensifies when I'm on my period and I have a heavy flow. I'll really appreciate it if I can get advice on what I can do further please I'm young and could really do with the guidance, thank you.

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  • Have been referred to a gynaecologist at all? I would think that is the first place to go and have everything checked out. Be persistent with your gp for a referral! If you get the all clear from a gynaecologist then ask to be referred to a pain specialist to help get the pain under control. But one step at a time. There is medication that can help with heavy bleeding and pain. Good luck.

  • My GP did not refer me to a gynaecologist. However when I did suggest to see a gynaecologist my GP suggested that there will be a wait. So I took it upon myself to find a centre where they did a gynaecological scan but all that came up was the fibroids. Thank you for the advice I'll definitely be persistent with my GP to refer me to a pain specialist. Thank you so much.

  • With all respect a sonographer is not a gynaecologist. I would go back to your GP and ask for the referral to a Gynaecologist for these persistent symptoms that require the opinion of a Gynaecologist. Make brief notes relating to your symptoms, when they started and how they effect you. I would hold off on pain management until you have been investigated and have a diagnosis.

    All the best.XX

  • Hi I have real bad pelvic pain and pain during sex and now my pieriods have completely stopped and I think it could be pid and I had an undiagnosed claymids infection a year ago and got rid of it after having it 6 months I've been doctors they seam to keep fuckin me off because of my young age I'm 18 how Did you find out you had pid x

  • Hello, you need to visit gynecologist and take examinations. Only gynecologist can tell you what the trouble is and how to treat it. You also can take the test report to consult more doctors for better choice. Surgery, drug or herbal therapy is up to you. And I think herbal therapy is more safe and doesn't cause any side effect to pregnancy. In one word, asking for the referral to a Gynecologist and receiving examination is the first step and the most important.

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