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Pelvic problem or not ?

Hello everyone,

I am 34 Male, non smoker (1 year), drink probably 2 pints a week, 83kg and I am active and exercising.

I am have been having health problems on and off for a few years now, been to the doctors numerous times and tried all sort of natural and non natural remedies but no luck.

But only a few days ago I came across "tight pelvic floor" so I recon that's what I have. My symptoms are as follow:

. I have a constant pressure feeling on the rectal aérea.

. I get constipated

. Lower back pain ( had a x ray and constant visit to chyropractor, seems to be fine according to chyro )

. I get episodes of anxiety where my rectal area gets even tighter, yesterday had an important exam (course I am doing) and was so nervous that my anus got closed almost.

. I get some sickness and nausea (don't know if related as I have build up acid in my stomach and I am taking omnoprozol for that).

. Burning sensation when peeing and when going to the doctors shows traces of blood in my urine, got sacanned for that, camera inside me twice, antibiotics more then once and nothing it's found.

. Very rarely get morning erections and suffer from premature ejaculation or soft erections.

Last time I been to the doctors my prostate was checked again and was normal, even though I thought had prostatis.

Any input would be welcome, also how should approach the doctors, as they my think I am crazy going in with a diagnostic?

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You should see a pelvic floor physio. There are plenty in the NHS but they tend to be there for women's health. There are private ones too. Try your GP again and demand they find you a pelvic physio.


I called the doctor and explained all symptoms again and he could actually see on my file that I have having problems for a while.

I mentioned pelvic floor disfunction and he said it is a possibilty, also he put me on a week of Diazepan. I will be calling to update and ask for a therapist to investigate further.

As for the Diazepan 4mg day, I do feel more relaxed and a relief on rectal pressure, been to the toilet more times too and there is an improvement on ED (not 100%). Feeling different but not there yet.

I don't feel side effects apart from deep sleeps and intense dreams. I would rather be addict to a pill then carry on having those problems.

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It might be an idea to get an MRI for this collection of symptoms, though i know these can be difficult to obtain under the NHS.

One way is to see a consultant orthopaedic surgeon privately, but one who also works for the NHS. Ask your doctor to identify one for you.

In my experience, they will refer you for any relevant tests or treatments on the NHS, and you can then have an NHS follow up appointment with the same consultant.

In have a problem with tightness and pain in rectum that gets worse with anxiety( or excitement). It will help if you practice relaxation/ meditation techniques for the anxiety. I use a muscle relaxant, Amitriptyline, but it makes you tired easily. No good if you need to take exams.


I been to the doctors again, this time private, referred by GP. He said no point keeping doing exams on me as they not finding anything.

Is going to refer me to the pelvic floor therapist and put me on Tamsulosin for 4 weeks and if doesn't work to go on Amitriptyline.

Thing the pressure has gone on the last few day the other terrible symptoms are back.

Drunk a bit too much on Thursday last week, Friday was hanging (pressure went way) Saturday nausea, from Sunday onwards sickeness, dizzy, nausea and massive headache . I thought was going to die. Still pretty shaken and sick today but not as bad.

I don't know if this symptoms relate to pelvic floor or are 2 separate issues. When I started Omnoprozol this symptoms disappeared, until now.

Don't know what to do, doctors won't take me serious anymore. They put it down as anxiety (that I probably have) but I think they might be separate issues.


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