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I'm new here, I didn't know it wasn't normal!

I've had a lack of sex drive for about 3 years, after having treatment for bipolar disorder. I went off the medications that typically cause low libido, and still wasn't feeling it. Any time I attempted sex, it was painful. Heck, I even had pelvic pain just while sitting. I'd frequently have stress urinary incontinence. I'm 32 and overweight so I didn't think much of leaking when I cough, sneeze, or laugh very hard. But after finally seeing my gyno about the painful sex, I was referred to pelvic floor rehab. My therapist told me I had major muscle spasms and knots throughout my pelvic floor; she told me how the pain and incontinence are related. I've only had 2 visits thus far with the therapist, but I've already noticed a bit of decrease in pelvic pain.

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Glad you've noticed some improvement already. It might take a while, but don't give up. Relaxation exercises such as meditation can also help the muscles to relax, as well as calming the central nervous system. Good luck.

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Having had low back issues with muscle spasm, and referred pain around pelvis and down thighs, can imagine the connections you therapist describes... great that you are getting help... And you are your own therapist with any Physio - doing any exercises given to do back home... so well done so far and keep up the good work, to feel the benefits. (I know/feel when I skip mine too long!!)

Good luck!


You sound exactly like I feel but I have coccyx issues too . Can I ask if I may do you live in uk? Is your treatment privat or NHS? I am currently having private treatment and have spent so much time and money. I was wondering do we have this treatment on our NHS ?



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