Left side lower abdomen pain

For a month or so have a sensation on the left lower abdomen. Have a bloated feeling and stools are not regular. Got a scan done and test indicate 3mm size stones in the gal bladder.

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  • Yes I have this as well, I've been advised to leave well alone unless it really becomes to painful and interferes with our daily routine.

  • iv'e also got this problem but after all the tests i still haven't got a diagnosis.

    i have been put on a two year waiting list for a colonoscopy with a general anaesthetic as my first one could'nt be completed.

    so i must try to experiment to get my self better.my most successful self treatment is a glass of hot water with lemon juice on an empty stomach in the morning.

    add a bit of honey if you wish.

    it has sorted my digestion out and alliviated the pain in my lower left abdomen.i'm surprised a doc has suggested gallstone when your pain is lower left.

    did he explain how this happens.

    i'm starting to enjoy life again after five years suffering.

    but i am still aware of the pain site but its tolerable.

    i also observed that i dont tolerate alcohol these days very well so limit myself to two beers if i go on the razz.

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