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I have really bad groin pain which travels down my leg, it started on the right side and now on the left. I can't take much more

I went for a sti check because I was havein a lot of pain in my groin and I'm urinateing about 40times a day! Everything came back as normal and and the doctors don't seem to know where the pain is comin from, they tried sayin it was my hip! But I know my body and its not my hip! The pain is on both sides of my groin and travells down to my knee, I find it hard to walk or sit in certain poisons, iv had enough of bein in pain and just want answers

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Have they checked you for IC?


I have some of the same issues and doctors tell me I'm fine. Also have strong leg and knee pain they also say my hip and knee problem have nothing todo with my pelvic pain, that a lie! Half these doctors don't know what there talking about. You know your body and most the time what's causing it. Pelvic pain can cause lots of symptoms and body pain. Don't give up!


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