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I have PGAD.,Fibromyalgia, Chronic fatigue syndrome, I have dropped 4 dress sizes in a year. I am 52 not menopausal, I have had these conditions together for over 20 years. Some days the pgad is so bad the spasms are agonising. This kicks in the other 2 disorders and I am in a chronic painful cycle. I feel like I am losing my mind to pain and have phoned the samaritans twice this wk. I am also losing my peripheral vision and am not allowed to drive. I need help to have this controlled.

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Sorry you are going through such a hard time. Please go back to your doctor, have you had any further investigations the last year? Loosing that much weight in a year without dieting needs further health checks.

If pain is too much to cope with, please ask to see a pain specialist. Please take care and hope you find some relief soon. Sending you a big hug x

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Thank you for just taking the time to reply to me. It means so much that just one person is listening xx


I really hope you get the answers you are looking for!! Please keep looking for a specialist who can help you, so you can get some relief from your symptoms. Not fun to be in a lot of pain. Take care....xx


Hi, I too suffer from fibro and cfs (for over 10 years now) so I can sympathise about the pain. I was prescribed fentanyl patches (morphine) and amitriptylene for pain which have helped a lot although I have lots of other meds for heart and blood pressure problems. My pelvic pain started about 5 years ago but my worry for you is that you have lost a lot of weight rapidly. Your doctor should be investigating this as soon as possible!. Get him to come to you if you can't make the journey! Hang in there and you will have better days even though its tough at the moment. The Samaritans do a good job so keep talking to them when you need support - some families and friends struggle with understanding cfs etc!!! Take care and let us know how you get on. x


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