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Pelvic pain

I had a vaginal hysterectomy eight years ago and bladder tape as l also had urine incontinence. It was successful and changed my life for the better. Last year l started to get abdominal pains at times very severe. I went to my doctor who after repeated visits sent for for a bladder scan which came back clear. I attended the doctor two weeks ago with the same complainant l have mild pain and a pulling sensation with a heavy dragging sensation. I have also been getting backache. My doctor told me this was normal and to take pain killers when it's bad. I would like to go back again but not sure what they will be able to do for me.

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How can that be normal. I wouldn't accept that. You don't say whether this is constant or not. It sounds like you've a prolapse again, do you suffer with constipation, could be a rectocele? Or your bladder again. Did he examine you? I'd get a second opinion.

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