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Hi, I am suffering from chronic pelvic pain and coccydenia. I am currently travelling from Carlisle to London fortnightly for pelvic floor therapy and it is such a long journey and is painful as I have to stand on the home journey. It takes me about 15 hours all in all. I am trying to locate a good therapist any closer to home. Even Manchester, Newcastle, Warrington any area closer to me . Could any one help me locate one please.?

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I'm uncertain about this but I have a feeling I read on here that there was one in Cheshire. And I think one in Scotland

Could you not reserve a seat for yourself on the train in the meantime.

Hi Baileydog and anyone else looking for a pelvic floor physio in U.K. or Ireland, try the above site and go to the For Professionals section, then scroll to List of Manual Therapists. This list seems to be growing, which hopefully will be good news for many. Good luck.

Hi try Northumbria university hospital 01946 693181 hopefully you can get some relief regards Derek

Thank you Derek, I am travelling to London this minute and will definitely try those numbers tomorrow.

Hi there. While I don't have any recommendations closer to home for you, I do suffer from similar issues, and would like to inquire as to the successes you have had with pelvic floor treatment as I am about to embark on that journey myself. Could you PM me about the symptoms you are experiencing, and share a little about the treatment procedure and successes you have seen?


Baileydog in reply to Niknak81

Hi nick

I don't know how to pm as I'm new here. I have had coccyx pain for nearly two years and then the pelvic pain set in at about 6months after the coccyx. I cannot sit at all, I have pelvic spasms, everything in my pelvis is knotted and has trapped nerve endings in the muscle knots. It causes burning, spasms and painful areas in pelvis, groin and sacrum. I have had coccyx manipulation a done along side pelvic floor physiotherapist. This has been really slow progress! I have been going now every two weeks for a year. Is it helping yes, will it cute it? I don't honestly know. What I do know is that without it it would no doubt get worse . So until something else comes along or I am told otherwise this is my plan to recover as much as I can. It is expensive for me as you see from my post I travel a long way. Hence the search for a good therapist more local. I wish you well


Niknak81 in reply to Baileydog

Thank you for your reply. Glad to hear the manipulation is helping to improve your situation - stop it from worsening. How did they determine the knots in your pelvic floor had trapped nerve endings in them? Is there a test for that? Or, is it simply an assumption based on the symptoms and presence of knots in your pelvic tissue?

Baileydog in reply to Niknak81

This is based on the physios assessment and experience and the presentation of symptoms I suppose. The muscle knots are painful and they can feel the adhesions when they manipulate them. This is the theory anyway and I'm putting my faith in it for a few more months to evaluate after that. I am also going to my g p tomorrow to see if I am on the right track or is there anything more to do

Niknak81 in reply to Baileydog

Sorry for the delay in my response. Thank you for sharing with me. How did your session with your GP go? I find my GP does not have much background on my condition, and find I get the same run-around / message when I visit a Urologist, so plan to reach out to someone that can do a physios assessment. Did your GP conduct that assessment?

Baileydog in reply to Niknak81

No she didn't even conduct an examination. She asked what I was doing in terms of treatment and I told her about the physio im having and she said along side the medication I'm on and the physio I'm having that's the right track to be going down and she was totally disinterested. So another dead end I think .

Niknak81 in reply to Baileydog

I just got back from a new urologist who is sending me to get some pelvic floor PT - so hoping that will help. -also, starting on some amitriptyline - hope the holidays will allow for some relaxation with family - I find taking myself out of my normal routine helps reduce my symptoms.

Bill Taylor in Edinburgh would be closer for you. He has a huge amount of experience in this area.


Baileydog in reply to lucyp

Thank you Lucy that's great to know and will look into it . Just arrived home from having treatment today and it is a 15 hour process from leaving home to getting back home and my treatment lasts only an hour. Still all in the course of getting better.


Jap001 in reply to lucyp

Bill Taylor brilliant for this issue

Tamsin brooks at bakewell physiotherapist clinic in Derbyshire. I've seen her for 3.5 years for pudendal neuralgia and chronic pelvic pain she's amazing

Have you looked into endometreosis only the symptoms sound similar, xx

Baileydog in reply to Tboag

No I haven't as my g p is so disinterested each time I go I think right " I will be determined and tell him what I would like and then I come out of the surgery no further on. He tells me that I have chronic pelvic pain and l have to learn to adapt my lifestyle. That's why I have continued down the physical pelvic floor therapy route.

Tboag in reply to Baileydog

Well we don't get pain for nothing so I would check out different things, what symptoms do you get, and where,

My heart goes out to you. I did find one close who did the intervaginal release. They are rare. She was expensive and ont on ins but worth it. Have you tried the therawand? Some people can release themselves with it. I didn't get the same effect with mine. Botox injections helped for almost a year. I can't get now Medicare doesn't cover. IKratom tea( an herbal substance for pain) helps. Some but I've got lots of other pain and issues. Do what you can to not give up. You need some type of mood enhancer to fight the depression that comes with pain. Lord Jesus please help this dear onevto find help and freedom from this pain.



Baileydog in reply to Ginnalee

Thank you so much for your kind reply,

I am under the pain clinic at a Manchester hospital, a combination of Physio therapy, medication and nerve blocks as well as other thing is helping



I travel 4 hours to and from mine to, to go to one in london is it “ white hart clinic “? Just

Wandering as i know there well renowned pelvic floor clinic.

There is one in birmingham a friend told me about whose suposed to b fabtastic called “ harborne clinic”, if u explain u want a pelvic floor person there a specialist there can’t remember her name, sorry.

Baileydog in reply to Lulububs

Thank you for your reply, I am currently under care at wythenshawe hospital and have made good progress.


Lulububs in reply to Baileydog

Can i ask what they do? Is it internal or external as i have same problems

It’s internal. She is excellent and my muscle spasms have reduced and the number of flare ups I have has recused too

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