Update following pudendal nerve decompression

Update following pudendal nerve decompression

Hi everyone. I just thought I'd do a quick update to let people know how I am, nearly 3 years post op.

Well, it's been a long and slow recovery but I would say I'm about 90% recovered. The last few muscular niggles are being treated with physio and Pilates.

I'm back working 25 hours a week, having returned to my job 8 months post op.

The best outcome of all though, has been meeting my husband ( we married in April this year ). We had our first date 6 months after my surgery and went to the cinema :) I know that for all you fellow sufferers this will fill you with disbelief but it's absolutely true and also absolutely possible...

Anyway I'll sign off for now. I just wanted to give people the belief that things can improve so please don't give up X

P.S I promise to add further updates !

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  • That is fantastic news! Thank you for sharing, it's inspirational to those of us going down that route. Can I ask where you had surgery? And congratulations on getting married too. It's lovely when someone comes back to this forum and shares their healing. Wishing you lots of luck and happiness with a pain free life. Xx

  • Thank you :-) I had it done in Nantes, France X

  • So pleased for you, fantastic news. Congratulations,on your wedding, you look beautiful. Xx

  • Congratulations and I am glad that there are some of us who can beat pains like this.

  • Congratulations! Congratulations on all of it ~ the cinema (a distant dream!), your marriage (❤️), and of course your 90% pain relief!!

    So very happy for you.

    I will keep praying for my dear friend 2cv1964 to find the same relief as you!

    Once again, HUGE joy and Celebrations to you and your lovely husband! xx❤️xx

  • Thanks so much everyone for all your best wishes. I know how hard it is when you're faced with such uncertainty so thanks again and I wish you all the very best X

  • that's wonderful!! You give me hope! Thanks for the update, take care.

  • Just to add my best wishes and congratulations on both counts. I hope you l have a happy and pain free life.


  • Yes cinema seats are the worst of all. 1 year on from surgery I am 50% and made it through a film with my grandchildren. At 71 progress is slower so I am on the same road but at a slower pace. Thanks for giving me renewed vigour to deal with this👍👍👍

  • That's some more excellent news Trevor! Where did you have your surgery. So pleased to hear these success stories. May you continue to improve. Xx

  • Southmead, Bristol, UK. Surgeon Mr Wong

  • I think you're doing great Trevormorgan. From my experience a year post op is still early days - there's definitely room for improvement :-) And like you say, it's harder as you get older but 50% improvement so far is brilliant !

  • That's so wonderful and inspiring. I will have the decompression surgery in the coming months and look forward to hopefully having similar results. On all fronts: the pain relief (cinema, really?!?!), husband (congrats!!!!), and all around happiness. I promised my daughter that I will be able to sit through her high school graduation in 4 years and dance at her party, so looks like that might really be possible! Thanks for the positive outlook 💖

  • I'm sure you'll be fine. Please be as positive as you can, distract yourself each time you have pain and use lots of breathing techniques to relax. Especially before your surgery. If you can find some self hypnosis downloads to use as well then that can help. I'm only talking from my experience so please don't think you have to. Just do anything that soothes your nervous system. All the best for your op and also your daughter's graduation. Picture yourself there and that's half the battle ! Xx

  • Thank you! I will definitely take your advice. I try to use my nursing background to relax as much as possible, but it is hard, as you know. Some videos on youtube would be really helpful.

  • Congratulations! So happy to hear your positive story. I like what you say "Picture yourself there". I will do that this week as I await surgery Nov 28th.

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