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Chronic prostatitis/UCPPS

Hello to everyone. My name is Boris, I'm from Croatia and sorry in advance if my english is bad. I joined here because I see so many sufferers about this what to call it "disease of unknown cause". Im 22 years old, and my problems started in 2011. I contracted chlamydia trachomatis and ureaplasma at that time and was treated with anti's. They did the trick, but since then, I always had some minor issues. I always had some urination and ejaculation discomfort, and sometimes when sitting on a bicycle seat. But I learned to live with it and it didn't bothered me that much. I started with bodybuilding in 2013. I was a really fit and muscular boy. Till this day, I had some problems with erections and noticed that I never had morning woods. But I could have sex when I ended with a girl, but sometimes I needed viagra because my penis didn't responded to stimulations. I also masturbated a lot during this years. But to get to the point now. In July this year, I noticed some big issues. It starter with a frequent urinations and a burning when pissing. Doctors discovered another chlamydia infection. This was treated with anti's, but after that, symtopms got so worse that I cannot live normally anymore. I went trough all kinds of test and they cannot find anything wrong with me and bacteria is not present anymore. My symptoms are so severe that I lie in my bed for days sometimes. Constant urge to urinate, burning when pissing, cannot sit for 10 minutes because sitting causes pressure, electircal like and knife like pain in the perineum, anus, penis, genitals, and worst of all, I feel all of that radiating to my lower back, abdomen, and generally in the pelvis region. I often even feel pain at the root of my penis, testicles, glans and my penis is really dead now. I have a good libido but my penis is like a foreign object attached to my body, that's how I feel. I cannot even masturbate, and when I sometimes succeed doing it, it is more like a torture and not a comfortable feeling. Ejaculation is a nightmare, I feel so uncomfortable after that to the point that I really don't want to do it anymore and I actually have a fear of doing it in the future. My life is a misery now, my parents are trying their best to help me but but nothing seems to help for this nightmare. I consider killing myself every day, and I didn't slept for a month now because of this, it kills me. I don't know what to do and it seems that anti's, physical therapies, natural remedies and all that crap doesn't seem to help. I am considering to do Ganglion of Impar blocks to my lower spine as it seems to help in 70 to 100% of cases with this kind of issues. Does anybody tried this or anything else that helped immediately? I'm only 22 and my life just startedy and this nightmare appeared. It took my life, my job, ruined my social life, ruined my relationship, ruined my passion and love for fitness and bodybuilding and ruined the meaning of being alive. To all of you who suffer from problems like this, feel free to write here, I am compasionate with all of you. Here is my number for whatsapp or viber +385989870386 if anyone wants to write with me untill I kill myself. I don't see a good solution for this, and I don't plan to suffer for years with this either and go to urologist and other stipid so called specialist that don't do shit for this, I'm tired mentally and physichally. I don't want to live like a zombie because of this. I feel like I'm alive, but half dead. God help us all...

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hey friend i got your serious ordeal to this illness...but got really worried of you especially for your age ..i got this illness late 2011 after it was too late for me to have notified it earlier..Been wrongly running to another specialists for just back pain and lower abdomen pain without knowing i have chronic pelvic prostatitis sydrome ...I am 57 yrs now and i dont really worry too much if i do compare myself with a young guy like you ...what i have realised in your own case since it was a nonbacteria type like many others like me or you was to keep on with hope of one day it just disappear by itself ...change your enviroment to another place probably just go far to another region entirely free of thinking some burdens that may have weighed you down ...sometimes you have this phycological thoughts ..dont work out yourself on anything that might stresses your brain like computers and above all watch your diets ...foods containing acidic ..there are ways you can help yourself ...i have suggested to you first to go away from your place im sure then you will able to find a cause to your problem ...visit another country temporarily and see the difference of these places

take care friend


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Well I am glad that you understand my problem. And I tell everybody that I am only 22 and my life is ruined. I just started to live and then this came up and destroyed everything. Nobody helps here, doctors are lacking big knowledge about this types of conditions.


you remind me of myself, it started 3 years ago, same thing, some infections but didnt know the bacteria since no culture was done, given short treatment of 5 days antibiotics then few days later my nightmare started.

my advice to you is request for xanax 0.5mg once a day, if you and i have the same problem, you should feel fine in less than 1 hour from your first pill, however this is not a treatment, xanax no longer works for me, it will stop working after few months, so try to use it carefully and only when needed.

so far i have yet to find a good solution, if xanax works for you and you need more advice afterwards let me know. if it doesnt work for you, then you and i are not the same case, which might be good news for you.

Note: im 37 years old.

Good luck.

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This is a really bad approach by doctors! You should not suffer like this. And I came to a significant finding that corticosteroid treatment can help in cases like ours. It is very risky and you do it at your own risk for sure, but at least you can try! I will try it myself, because there is some scientific evidence that this is an autoimmune disorder in some cases after infections of specific bacterias, especially Chlamidya, since it acts more like a virus and messes up your CD4 and CD8 immune cells and create a mimic cells which in turn, your immune system attacks your body but actually it doesn't need to do it. And for the pain, I will be forced to take some Ganglion of Impar blocks or radiofrequency ablation therapy. This procedures block nerve pain signals to the pelvis and it is a better option since all of these painkillers and drugs actually don't work.


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