Nantes trip

Nantes trip

Hello Health Unlocked community,

I am Jamila Rodrigues and I was a professional dancer for 12 years, until a year ago when the pelvic pain started. I was diagnosed with many conditions, as mostly of you did. From bladder bacteria infections to pundendal neuralgia, from running, dancing swimming 6 to 8 hours a week to hardly be able to walk... It is a journey.

So far I had a ganglion impar block which was unsuccessful and one pudendal nerve blocks and ipograstric block about 3 weeks ago, and it seems that the pain didn't get any better. I strongly believe that the bladder infection is still undergoing and that the pudendal nerve was affected, but caused by something/other nerve else.

I am going to Nantes, and I speak French, and I am reaching out to people who went to Nantes already and what to expect in terms of prices for the first consultation and team assessments.

Thank you very much to all


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  • hi jamilla

    i have just been to nantes for an assessment, i was there for 6 days and the way it went was as follows

    monday, i had an appointment with dr levesque, who examined me and diagnoses the condition, tuesday morning i had a consultation with dr rioult, who is the pain consultant and then in the afternoon i had a nerve block and then on the friday i had an mdt with all the drs including professor robert, this i have been told is not the normal thing to have an mdt meeting the same week, you usually have to go back for this.

    the approximate cost is around 600 euros including the nerve block

    hope that helps


  • Hello Andrea

    Wow, you were quick in sending a reply, thank you so much! In fact, I only have one appointment all consultants in the same day. I will see four different people and already spoke with Dr Ploteau, so hopefully I do all exams on the same day.

    What sort of exams do they do to you, I mean, how do they investigate and rule out if it is other nerve conditions?

    Thank you!


  • i am not sure as i was examined internally and then had the nerve block, i think this is diagnostic, i have already had nerve blocks in the uk and also surgery in the uk, so i dont think other tests would have been called for. i wish you good luck in your quest for answers, this is waht i was looking for after 5 years of pain, but as you are probably aware, prof robert is going to operate in january


  • Hello Jamila,

    Wear and tear of hip cartilage will cause groin pain.Have you had hip x rays as a congenitial condition that may have gone unnoticed at birth (biolateral coxa valga) can also be the cause of pelvic and groin pain...

    Best wishes and I hope you get some relief and answers soon.


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