Ovarian Cyst Advice / Help

Hi all I am writing this as I would like some HONEST advice.

I was in hospital on Tuesday with horrendous pains in right side had CT scan / Xray as they thought I had Kidney Stones, They found a 2.5cm Cyst on my left Ovary,

I have pains on my right side like a pins and needle type of pain and in right Hip? A bit Odd.

That same day My Grandma was sadly diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer.

I am worried sick, I know I need to see my GP about the Cyst and Gynae what will they do now I have family History of it?

I am considering having the lot taken out. I am a bit of a wreck right now and my head is all over the place.

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  • Ovarian cysts are very common, and hopefully you will get an appointment with a gynae soon. So sorry to hear about you grandmother, I can imagine how upset you are about all these things. If you are worried, I would put your mind at rest by seeing your GP. I'm sure they would have seen anything abnormal in your scan. You could have a CA125 blood test done, it's a screening test but not very reliable. Discuss it with your GP. Good luck. Xx

  • Don't rush into having it all removed...it's not always the quick fix and sometimes causes other problems too.

  • I have a lot of experience with ovarian cysts. There are different kinds of cysts. Mine were corpus luteum cysts. The skin on the cyst was real tough, so they didn't break easily. The reason the cyst hurts is it pulls the ovary in different directions when moving our bodies. Causing twisting etc. Cysts are quite common and does not mean you have ovarian cancer. Hang in there. This is temporary

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