Vagina/Groin/Hip Pain

Hello, I have been reading everyone's posts and it has made me feel that I am not alone. It makes me very sad. April 2015 It started with a ache in my right side of vagina, vagina felt puffy/swollen. Then my right groin also started to hurt. It would hurt standing, walking, kneeling down, laying down. It was ruining my life. Doctors gave me pain tablets they thought it was muscle pain. I took all the tablets, then felt better a few months later it came back in my right side vagina/groin, numb leg. Doctors kept telling me it will go away.

Then January 2016 it wasn't just my right side, but left too. Doctors referred me for physio, they said 'I THINK' it's a torn ligament. Anyway physio never worked. They sent me for a groin scan, vagina scan (belly), all came back fine. Apart from in groin scan it showed lymphnodes were swollen, but they said it was normal.

April 2016 I started to get sharp pains in both side hips.

Doctors referred me to see a orthopedic, they sent me for hip x Ray, mri arthrogram, all came back fine.

I am 25 years old, and it is totally ruining my life. The doctors don't want to know. They all look at me like I'm lieing.

Orthopedics are sending me for lumbar mri, and asking doctors to sort out me seeing someone about pain relief and seeing a gynie about swollen vagina.

I would be greatful if people could share their experiences that are the same as mine???

Thank you


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  • My pain isn't quite the same - mine is all burning muscle and nerve all over the butt and pelvic floor. But I wanted to tell you that it sounds like your pelvis is out of alignment - especially since the imaging doesn't show anything wrong with the ligaments or tears or anything. I don't know if they have osteopaths where you live (Im in USA), but they are good at getting the pelvis un-rotated. But most women's health physiotherapists can too. It sounds like the one you went to wasn't very good. It took me a few tries before I found one who was knowledgeable. Keep asking for new physiotherapy referals until you find one who knows well about pelvic alignment. They should check your illiium, sacroiliac joints, and pubic symphasis to see what is out of whack and easily correct it right there. Being out of alignment screws up one's entire body.

  • Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately the last time I spoke to the physio they discharged me and said because they don't know what is wrong with me there's nothing they can do at the moment. I'm hoping the pain relief people I will be seeing will be able to help me and a gynie.. they are my last hope 😢

  • Are you able to ask for a referral to a different (better) physiotherapist then? I have a feeling that a physio who knows her stuff would really be able to help. A lot of the time it's a rotated pelvis that causes so many problems (impinges nerves, causes instability from top to bottom). Well, I wish you a lot of luck and hope that you will consider working with a better physio if the pain doctors can't help.

  • Well my doctors are so slow and can't be bothered really. I am waiting for my letter to come through of details to my doctors asking them to sort me out seeing pain relief. And to see if they will refer me to see a gynie. If all else fails il push to see physio again and If they dont want to know. Il have to go private

  • I have been living with very similar pains and mine has been alot from being out of alignment.

    I also have a labral tear that contributes alot to this. but my tailbone is wacked out as well. I have been fighting for answers since 1986..that means I am old..just kidding..I am 56, but had fallen while teaching aerobics..Di you fall even as a child can affect you now.

    I have finally found a chiropractor who can adjust my tailbone. This has been helpful, but going in for surgery finally after years of searching..I would be willing to chat with you?

  • Hello Thank you for your comment. May I ask please where your pains are? And what scans/mris that you had to diagnose this?

  • What physiotherapist did you use?

  • Hi following a urine infection I have been suffering with a pain in the vagina to my right side. I feel the pain more when I'm sitting but was pretty much there all the time. I have seen a gyni, urologist and had a cystoscopy to widen the uretha but the pain continued. After hours of despatately searching the internet I came across a book by Amy Stein - Heal Pelvic Pain and a condition mentioned in there seemed to describe my symptoms. Pudental Neuralgia. I subsequently saw a Pelvic Floor Physia who on examination believes my tension was in my oburator internus. I've only had two physio sessions and I'm following the stretching exercises in Amy Steins book. The pain is currently still there but I now have periods when I'm not aware of it and hopeful that it will go away.

  • Hi, so sorry to hear this. Can I ask please what your symptoms are? And how long have u had it for?

  • Sorry to hear of your illness. It must be horrible. I watched a video of Amy's. And see some of the exercises. I will give some of them a try. I have started doing a different few a day already. It is very hard to know what to do when I dont know my diagnosis...

  • I'm having the same issue! Obturator internus spasm on my left side as well as Levator ani spasm. The pudendal nerve is really mad. I've done Botox injections in the pelvic floor muscles two weeks ago to force them to stop spasming. I was told that it would take several weeks for the full effect of the Botox to kick in. So far, it still sucks. Still in pain. Popping percocets to take the edge off the pain. I think more pelvic floor physiotherapy is in line for me. I'm sorry you are going through this too. You are definetly not alone in this. Keep us updated on how you are doing!

  • So sorry to hear this. How did you get a diagnosis?

  • I just kept going to my Gyno about this burning that wouldn't go away. Sitting sucks so bad. I researched about Pudendal Neuralgia before I met with him for the third time. He agreed that that is what it sounds like it was. I've had an injection/block at the ishial spine near the nerve. Did absolutely nothing for me. Been currently dealing with a Uro-gynecologist. I'm using a compound suppository with Flurbiprofen/Baclofen/Gabapentin and Diazepam. I've had Botox I my pelvic floor muscles almost 3 weeks ago. Still in pain. Started Lyrica this evening. Percocet doesn't do much but make me nauseous and high. Sitting sucks if I'm not on my perenial seat cushion. Pelvic examination prior to Botox was spaming/tight obturator internus muscle and spas mic Levator ani muscles. Going to be re-examined for progress (which I don't see any) next week. If I had progress, meaning muscles have let up a bit, I'm supposed to go to pelvic floor physical therapy, (which I've already done, didn't work). I'm tired of throwing money at this thing! Over a year and a half of my life sucked away. I read posts about years of dealing with this and it makes me so sad and depressed. I'm not the same person anymore. Soooo frustrated!!!

  • Similar pains ,I was diagnosed with ovarian remnant and I also have a small bulge that is currently undiagnosed - possibly hernia - I get the same pains and it also goes from groin to waist area and is torture

    Can't pass gas when pains ramped up properly neither - hope you get some answers xx

  • Hi thanks for your reply. May I ask please how did u get a diagnosis? And sorry I don't know what that means that you have? Thank u

  • Have a look at Freedom from Pelvic pain with David Mcoid, on Facebook, sounds like wonky tightening muscles.....also look at psoas release on web. I release mine by lying with legs resting on a yoga bolster. Looks like I am sitting on a chair. But back I'd on floor/ sofa and calves rest on bolster. I do yoga breathing right down to abdomen and let everything slide and relax, sometimes I have to do 3 times a day

  • Hi thank you for your reply. I had a look on Facebook. The page is interesting. Thank u. May I ask what your symptoms are ? And did u ever get a diagnosis ?

  • ensThankAfter 7 session s of very vigorous physiotherapist over SI joint I ended up in hospital as genital numbness and persistent bladder irritation. They found nothing in my spine, but I could not sit. After a year I went to Nantes, they diagnosed pne and cluneal nerve entrapment. A total of three years since physiotherapist I had pne ,cluneal , posterior femoral cutaneous and peroneal nerves all trapped, they are all very closely linked at one place. Since my op my right side has been much worse. I have spent the last year learning how to live as pain free as possible. By being aware of where I hold tension in my body, working on releasing my psoas muscle and hip flexors I have been able to return to an almost normal life. My sitting is improved, but still difficult, but I am only on amitriptyline at night. I have also explored Pranic Healing and learnt to work on myself. It is difficult to say whether I regret my surgery or not. Fir the first three months I could barely walk. I was unable to move right leg forward without extensive pain. I have been off work for a year, but have just gone back for three mornings a week. My inner and back region of thigh are still totally numb and on a bad day feel as though I have had the skin removed. Mentally I have learnt to be less critical of myself and am more conscious of my thought patterns and how they reflect in my body. That has come from learning Pranic Healing and having time to reflect on thoughts deeds and actions. I tried the Freedom from Pelvic pain approach before surgery, but was still convinced I needed surgery. Had my condition appeared out of the blue, I would never have considered an op. The original trip to hospital has left my body stuck in flight / fright mode, I have to work hard to recognise symptoms of anxiety rather than something real, I use belly breathing a lot to try and overcome this. I was told that the pain had caused my nervous system to develop central sensitisation, either way I am able to reduce and manage symptoms with Meditation and abdominal breathing

  • So sorry to hear this I hope u get sorted

  • Do your exercises help with your pain? Thanks!

  • Yes,if I have two breaks in the day where I can relax my psoas, try and let piriformis relax and hip flexors, my pain is less. I also look at whether I am tucking under my butt. I tend to lick my pelvis. It is a lot to jiggle and days stood up all day are not good

  • Hi Carly!!! I know what u mean about doctors thinking u r lying. My gi said its all in my head!!! I have chronic anxiety disorder. I am so sorry for your pain. I guess I am lucky I am older. If I had had this when I was younger don't know what I would have done. I would have been s terrible mom cuz u can't do anything. I'm really surprised they haven't found anything. That's crazy!! There has to be something wrong!!! I don't think u r imagining this at all!!!! I wish I had answers for u but u have seen and done a lot!!!! Good for u!!! Don't stop!!! Keep on going. Something has to be wrong somewhere!!!! Please let me know how u r!!!! Thanks for writing!!!!

  • Hello Karen,

    Thank you for your reply. I'm sorry to hear about you. Sorry I dont know what that means what u have. If you don't mind me asking... what is it? What types of pain do u get? And how did u get diagnosed? X

  • Hi Carly!!!! Glad to hear from u. Levator ani is a condition of the pelvic floor which stretches across the pelvis. It's like a migraine in your butt!!! I first talked to my pcp as she had done a rectal exam with a scope which I believe started this whole process. It wouldn't go away so she referred me to a colorectal doctor who diagnosed it. Been on muscle relaxors and pain pills. It's a vicious cycle and it sucks. I can't always leave the house and having ibs doesn't help. Boy u and I r a pair!!!! Lol. Maybe someday we will be better!!! I can only hope and pray!!!! Please keep in touch. It's nice to have someone to talk to about this. Do take care and I hope to hear from u soon!!!!

  • I hear you on the IBS! It just adds fuel to the fire with the pudendal problem. Had a flare with Ulcerative Colitis and it made everything suck so much worse!!! I see people sitting comfortably at restaurants and I'm jealous as hell. Just to be able to sit without pain! The things we take for granted in life...sheesh!!!

  • Ah bless u. I hope you get sorted too. X

  • I know I've had problems with anxiety before all I this happened. But now that I'm in pain all the time, it's kinda hard not to have anxiety!!! I'm sure it compounds the problem, but what are we supposed to do about it when we hurt so much? Kinda hard to relax when you feel your most sensitive region of your body is on fire. What to do next? Take another pill for anxiety? May not be too far fetched. Just tired and frustrated.

  • God I so agree. All the docs say don't think about it!!! How can u not when no matter what u do u r in pain!!!! My psychologist said that's stupid of doctors to expect that. They tell me to stay occupied but the pain and discomfort r still there!!!! My mornings r hell!!!! Every single morning!!!! My stomach churns and hurts and I need to poo but it doesn't always come out!!! So it's stuck!!! Have tried every med in the book!!!! Yeah anxiety sucks!!!! I'm on Zoloft but that doesn't take away all of it. Just want to be normal!!!! I really hope u find some relief!!!! I know exactly how u feel!!! So tired of this!!! It is depressing!!!! I hope someday we both have a positive outcome!!! Just remember I'm thinking of u!!!! Talk to u soon!!!

  • Hi Carly I've had it for 2 months and only got diagnosis when examined by Pelvic floor physio, reported back to urologist and he agreed pain consistent with her diagnosis. The pain is difficult to describe. Originally I would have described it like having a bar of soap stinging in side you or an open cut but now I now it's muscular strain I can relate to that. As described by froddofish believing into the abdomen and visualising the pelvic floor dropping on the out breath helps relieve some tension and pain. I hope u get some relief soon.

  • Thank you. I hope u feeĺ better soon

  • Hi Carley, Could you think back to when there was an event that could have started these symptoms i.e. a fall or injury of some sort. If when you see the Gynaecologist ask if they have any tests for the pudendal nerve. Some gynaecologists can do a test known as Pudendal Nerve Motor Latency Test ( PNMLT ) You can google this. I also think a referral to a Pain Management Clinic would help you. You can google Pain Management Injections These are injections given under CT guidance along side the nerve to reduce inflammation and pain. The pain management specialist will take your history and discuss your symptoms to decide which nerve block you will need. Your GP could refer you. I would continue to have investigations done by your gynaecologist to see if there is another cause. All the best.

  • Hi thank you for your comment. I searched bits that you mentioned. Thank you for your advice. The only thing I can think of around the time It first started is I helped my dad lift concrete fence posts. Also I got an allotment when it started and it could have been constantly putting pressure on the area of my groin when kneeling down to weed......

  • Hi, I have no idea if it is the same that what i had. But for me it started when i was pregnant of my second one and i found this french clinic in London they have an osteo specialised in pelvic pain and women's issue ( Elodie Bridelance, she is the one who started my treatment) and some physios who also helped me a lot and now i am find. I am not sure if it is the same that what you have but might be a good idea to ask them. I hope you get better soon

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