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Hi, has anyone ever been to the pain clinic at the Queen Elizabeth hospital in Birmingham? I have an appointment on Thursday for the first time. I've looked on their website and its looks quite good. Says they have doctors and physios pelvic pain aware. So far I've only been able to find private pelvic physiotherapists, never NHS. 

Just wondered if anyone has had experience of any there? Thanks in advance.

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  • Hi Lin93,

    I remember you saying you were going to another appointment in Bristol (nerve block?) How did that go? I'm guessing not that successful if you are waiting to go to the pain clinic. How are things generally? 


  • Hi, how are you? Yes I had the nerve block, week before Easter. I can't say it gave me significant pain relief no. The sharp stabbing pain in my left butt cheek went away for 3 weeks but I still had the cramping ache across bottom of buttocks & backs of thighs. Dr G asked my GP to refer me to QE for help with mindfulness!

    I'm really hoping they offer me some physio as this has helped in the past. Just gets so expensive! Xx 

  • Sorry to hear it didn't work for you. Let's hope QE has a better outcome, I agree the private route is very expensive.

    I'm still plodding along. My aches & pains are all due (I think) to the prolapse, I'm still trying to avoid more surgery but I think I will have to go down that road at some point. My anterior repair has partially failed but I'm coping with that as it's not as bad as before. Rectocele  is a problem though. I expect next time they may want to hitch it all up at the same time as if I have a posterior repair that might make the anterior problem worse, if you see what I mean? Don't want to jump from the frying pan into the fire! I've read so much info on it all I'm almost a doctor myself now!! Take care. X

  • Let us know how u get on ? I'm under mr g in bristol. Did u use physio in bristol? I thought it was just london that had that kind of physios? Good to know about birmingham .

  • Hi, yes I will. The physio I saw was a private one in Harborne Birmingham. I can let you have her details if you want? X 

  • I would really love to hear how you get on please. I am still really struggling and hoping to find a pain specialist who can help. I am hoping to ask the gp for a referral for a second opinion and I have looked at the QE and noticed the pelvic pain clinic.

    I would also be interested in the physio details if possible, they may be able to help also, can I ask what your diagnosis is??


  • Hi, thought I'd let you know how I got on at QE. I saw a lovely man called Dr Rea. He got me to lie on my back with feet on bed, knees bent & then pushed my knees over to one side which stretches the piriformas muscle in butt. He pressed on a tender spot on my butt cheek.Made me jump!

    The physio I'd seen previously has pressed around asking if anywhere is painful & never really found a spot.I was lying flat on my front at the time. Dr area said you only tend to find it when the muscle is stretched.Hes referred me to physio with NHS who I've seen once.Going back again on Monday.

    He said if some muscles are weak then other muscles over compensate, in my case the piriformas muscle. He also said that in most people the channel of nerves which travels through your pelvis is by this muscle but in about 18% of the population they travel through the muscle.These are the sciatic, pudendal & cluneal nerve. So if the piriformas becomes tight with trigger points it can impinge any or all of these nerves.

    Every day I'm doing piriformas stretches now & ive bought a yoga roller to try & release trigger points.The woman's physio said my inner pelvis muscles (hammock that holds up our organs) are weak so outer butt muscles have been compensating.

    I was doing pelvic floor exercises three years ago when all this nerve pain started but I'm wondering if I was doing them wrong.I found a website that explains how to do pelvic floor exercises. I was always holding my breathe & clenching.Think I was working the butt muscles more!

    Are you in the Birmingham area? If you can I would ask for a referral to QE. It did take 3 months to come through though.

    How are you feeling now? Xx

  • Thanks so much for letting me know how you got on. I have just moved GP and will be asking for a referral. Its good to hear your experience was positive, its a shame he doesn't do private consultations but I cant find him anywhere! x

  • Hi Lin93, Have you heard of Dr Angela Caney in Bristol?  Dr G referred me onto her for CBT.  She specialises in CBT for chronic pain and does both personal and Skype consultations. Drs Greenslade and Dixon recommend her a lot. She is highly respected.  Good luck, StevenM.

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