Not sure how to feel about gynaecologist appoitment?

So I finally saw the gynaecologist today explained my symptoms (pelvic pain, lower back pain, painful periods, hip pain, etc) and told her how I was referred by the Gasterointologist about investigating into potential endometriosis. She started asking questions about my birth control and to my embarrassment she got a little agitated when I didn't understand her questions. Finally she told me that they don't do laparoscopys on 15 year olds, and told me to exercise more, get counselling, hypnotism, drink more water etc and prescribed me birth control Evelyn instead of my usual of Brenda, and rectal suppositories. And to come back in three months to let her know how it goes. So does this mean i won't ever find out what's wrong with me? Are they only going to find what medication gives me relief and move on? Forgive me if I sound naive, but this has been happening for five years I would like to get some closure... Is this what happened to you? Will I ever know what's wrong with me?

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  • Hi Flower58, 

    I've sadly had a similar experience with a gynaecologist. The first thing I did was go straight back to my GP and told her what had happened, what the gynaecologist had said and how it made me feel. She was really supportive and said that even though I didn't want to go on the pill (which the gynaecologist suggested) I should for the 3 months and see what happens. That way I have done what's been suggested. She also said that when my 3 month appointment came up (actually turned out to be 4 because of the waiting list) I ask to see the consultant and ring up before hand and on the day strongly request it. (I'd seen his registrar who wasn't very polite to say the least - you don't usually get seen by the consultant at everyday clinics even though they run them.) 

    When I next went I took my mum with me for support and it helped a bit. I didn't quite get the outcome I wanted but I'm still waiting for another appointment and the lovely nurse who sat in taking notes said that they hadn't given up on me, they just had to cover all the basics and sadly that's going over old ground that you may have visited with your GP.  I have recently also had my GP make a referral to Gastroenterology and Orthopaedics as I have had very bad bowl movements, hip and lower back pain for years but did not think it was linked. Hopefully they will be able to do something.

    I'd also suggest going to your gastroenterologist, saying what's happened and request if they can do any tests which might give the gynaecologist some more information. 

    Bit of a long answer but no, they haven't given up on you. They are just covering everything until they can eliminate things. And sadly that takes time.  

    Hope that helps!

  • Thankyou this has given me some closure, I was really worried they just wanted to get rid of me. I hate how long the waiting list can get and I felt as if I had done this all for nothing xx

  • Maybe this is TMI, but have you looked online about a bowel maintenance program? At least while you are waiting for further appt. I notice the MD gave you suppositories, etc. Did she also recommend stool softeners, etc.?

  • Been on laxatives abd stool softeners from the very begining. Good suggestion though, without them I would be severely constipated lol xxx

  • I had this issue and finally had a laproscopy surgery when I was 33 years old and diagnosed with endometriosis, worst decision ever because the lap gave me nerve damage which is far more painful than endometriosis 

  • I'm so very sorry to hear, that must be awful. I can't imagine how much pain you would be in :( xx

  • Hi Pepper, how does the nerve damage pain differ from endo pain? Might be a daft question I know nut I'm wondering if I have some nerve damage after my hysterectomy.

  • I did have a hysterectomy because the dumb obgyn kept thinking it was endometriosis but then I was still in pain.  I saw Dr lee dellon you can Google him. I had ilioinguinal iliohypogastric and genitofemoral nerves damaged. I had to have them resected. Meaning cut,  the area burned and with movement it burned more.  It did affect bladder and bowel. I'm better since that surgery but not 100% maybe 80%. It still burns on and off when I walk a lot, after intercourse or when I sit a long time.  

  • Hi Hun what does the nerve pain feel like?

  • Burning. Tingling, stabbing, itching. It varies 

  • Ok thanks Hun not sure if that's what my problem is , it's more of a sharp pulling, pressure type pain. Back to see consultant Thursday so hopefully get some answers. Take care hun

  • The nerves and muscles run together if the nerve is damaged it can make the muscle feel like its pulling. If there are any muscle spasms this can happen as well

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