Pudendal neuralgia

I've had pn symptoms on and off for 3yrs now. No idea what caused them as I don't cycle and haven't had surgery to that area. I had my son 10wks ago by c section to prevent further damage to the nerve. Anyway after 6 blissful pain free weeks, my pain has come back for 4 weeks and steadily getting worse. I feel like my world has caved in. This pain sends my anxiety through the roof. I'm in the UK and thinking of getting a private appointment with dr Greenslade in Bristol. Does anyone have experience of him? I'm in the north west so it's a long way to travel for appointments. I just wondered if anyone thinks it's worth seeing him? Or would I be better getting a ref to a local pain dr? I'm so desperate right now ):

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  • My pudendal nerve damage was through surgery in February 2009. It's taken me years of waiting between appointments with various doctors to find out what was wrong. I would suggest you get a private appointment with dr Greenslade to find out if it definitely is PN. I recently went to see a physiotherapist who told me I should have started physio as soon as possible after the nerve was damaged as the longer it's left the less likelihood there will be for it to help. I'm doing stretching exercises. There's a wonderful book I'd really recommend called Heal Pelvic Pain which I bought on Amazon for under £10 by Amy Stein.

    Good luck.

  • Thanks I'll look for that book. What kind of Physio are you doing? Is it pelvic floor?

  • It's not 'hands on' physio which I believe is the best type but that's mega expensive and I can't afford it. I'd read about Amy Stein who's a physiotherapist in the States and she has exercises for pudendal nerve to stretch out the damaged nerve. It's difficult to explain the exercises, I'd recommend getting her book.

  • Thanks I've just ordered the book

  • Let me know what you think when you've been doing the exercises for a few weeks.

    Good luck

  • Me too

  • I think you need a diagnosis. PN does not usually affect you "on and off" it's there all the time (admittedly some days worse than others). Dr Greenslade is excellent from my experience and has a very good bedside manner. He works alongside Dr Tony Dixon and between them, I have no doubt that they will reach a diagnosis and a suggested treatment plan.

  • Thanks I think I will try to see him to get a diagnosis

  • When I say on and off I mean I've had 3 period of bad pain with some pain free periods in between. That what gives me some hope this can be fixed.

  • There's a closed pudendal hope Facebook group please join it, you'll learn a lot

  • I will thanks

  • What's the name of the Facebook group?

  • Pudendal Hope

  • Pudendal neuralgia hope


  • Thanks. Is it American or British? I'm looking for uk doctors to try and get diagnosed.

  • There's a mixed group of people from all over the world. Please join.

  • I will. Thanks

  • Hey neeta, can we talk? Do u still feel u have pn? Im new to this and i think i may have it and was looking for someone to talk to :-( email me anisha_d87@hotmail.com

  • What a shame you had 6 blissful weeks of no pain after your son then it has returned for last 4 weeks. Just a thought maybe your doc could get your hormone levels checked. Dr Greenslade and Tony Dixon are both good as StevenM says. I would also recommend the Pudendal Hope FB or web site as well. I've got a feeling there's a good Dr either in London or up North. Name sounds Polish. Good luck and hope pain calms down for you, especially with babe. Take care of yourself.

  • Thanks I will join the group

  • The London dr is Andrew Baranowski.

    With Amy steins book.... Go very gently at first. Just a second or two for each stretch. I made myself worse by doing every stretch for the full amount of time straight off!


  • Thank you for that. I bought the book on Amazon yesterday. Am on a bad flare up at the moment, so will wait until things have quietened down a bit before getting too ambitious. This one's being going on since June. Need some peace... Xx

  • Hi all you can get Amy`s book on amazon for £5.25 +pp,new,just press for used,mine`s ordered

  • Hello. Many congratulations on your new baby. But I am aware that you are in terrible pain again so I think you should post a Posting directly to PSN Judy_B who is on the board of this forum for help and advice. She can put you in the right direction.

    I live in France and therefore only know the specialists to see here.

    I wish you a successful recovery to this solution. If it went once it very well may disappear again.

    You are in my thoughts.

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