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Recovery. (Restorative Exercise) via David Mccoid

Hey guys. I am a regular poster on hard flaccid and go by the username of Steviee. I’ve been plagued with hard flaccid and pudendal nerve entrapment/cpps. But it’s now a thing of the past. It all started about a year ago in January last year. Like everyone I freaked out. Googled it for 2 days straight looking for the miracle cure. I was stretching my pelvic floor and sticking my finger in my arse ( not fun). Anxiety took over. I did n’t ever want to leave my home. I was a disaster.

I first developed pelvic pain and hard flaccid in January last year. I tried various different treatments to get better, pelvic floor physical therapy, chiropractors, massage therapists you name it I tried it. When pelvic floor therapy did not work my therapist started to suggest I may have pudendal nerve entrapment. I was even recomended to have surgery since nothing was working..,

I then began psychotherapy. That did n’t help at all and I cried a bunch but still no help. I tried Sarno’s method and again no help. I had done David Berceli’s TRE but not consistently. I decided to give it a go every other day and I started to notice my anxiety and leg tension disappearing quite rapidly. But for me it was just one part of my recovery. I then came across Restorative Exercise. Restorative Exercise treats the body as a whole. Rather than spot on finger in the butt probing around for 15 minutes with someone telling me I have trigger points. Useless to me but just my opinion.

Restorative Exercise is a type of therapy that gets your body into optimal alignment. The key part to the program for me was walking. It’s hard to explain but walking and natural squatting can lengthen the pelvic floor. I’m not an expert so I won’t try to explain here but walking correctly with glute activation has changed everything. I’ve been working on my body from head to toe on this program but I’ve also had the help of a Restorative Exercise Specialist called David McCoid who was diagnosed with PNE and had 3 pudendal surgeries but none of them worked. He had pelvic pain himself for 14 years and rid himself of it through Restorative Exercise. I have been working with him on Skype for 3 months now and will continue working with him as I seal off my recovery. He is very reassuring and definitely knows the ins and outs of pelvic floor issues. I personally recommend him as he’s been in pain so knows what it is like. The money you pay not only goes towards the sessions but full email support and skype support in between sessions. I can’t tell you how much this has affected my recovery.

With Restorative Exercise my hard flaccid has gone. As of right now the only issues I have are slight hip tightness, lower back pain and pelvic floor tightness. However it’s all very minimal and disappearing. Before I had ED , loss of sensitivity, extreme pelvic pain, hard flaccid, psoas pain, neck pain, foot pain , anxiety and depression. Just about everything that comes with HF and CPPS.

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Wow! Thanks! I've had pelvic pain for 7 years even had a hysterectomy which just made the pain worse and now i have issues from that. Is there a DVD? How do you learn the exercises? I bet tai chi would work just as well.

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Hey Pepper, I'm sorry to here your in pain. But just know, that there is a way out of this and that the recovery is in your hands. Restorative exercise isn't really something that can be taught on dvd. I tried and got nowhere. Best bet is to contact a restorative exercise. I recommend you check out David Mccoid. He had pelvic pain for 14 years and had multiple surgeries but cured himself with Restorative exercise.

I chose to work with him because he understands pelvic pain. He does Skype sessions of your to far from traveling distance. I'm in the U.S. and his Skype sessions have been nothing but outstanding. He's the man I would recommend you see as I've done pretty much everything. He offers a free session to explain everything to you and see if this is something you'd like to pursue. Can't recommend it enough. Good luck! You will see the other side :)


So is this walking by activating glutes an exercise or some type of "thing" you do differently while walking around normally, say through the park? Please elaborate. I have been doing glute walking exercises with bands and also lunges.


Thank you so much for sharing your story as well as the valuable information. So glad you are doing better, what a relief. I may need to give this a go.




How are you today?


How are doing now man?

And What is exactly glute activation


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