Impar Ganglion Block helped a lot

Ive had these symptoms...

1. Pelvic floor pain

2. Orgasm, sexual pain, sometime difficulty getting erection, unless lying on my back.

3. Widespread tailbone pain

4. Perineum pain

Had about 4 surgeries for this, 0 pain increase, 0 pain decrease. The other day I finally had a ganglion of impar block and it helped about 85%, for hours I was working out years of muscles cramps, in my back, in my pelvis, in my legs, and in my neck.

The Doctor I saw, a Dr North in NC, said the next step would be burning the nerves with phenol I believe he said, but Im really do not want to go the burning nerve direction. When I had the block, the pain improved 85% but I still had some sexual pain and difficulty getting an erection while standing.

Burning the nerves would be equal to making the blocks permanent, is what he told me. Yikes...

When I asked Dr North, what caused this pain, he said sometimes the ganglion just get irritated and it doesnt stop...but I feel fairly certain that there is some entrapment, especially since it is worse on the left side.

What are my other options, aside of nerve burning?

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  • Unfortunately, I doubt that nerves once burned stay that way. You're probably still reasonably young, the younger you are the faster they grow back....I heard that pulsed radiofrequency ablation is milder to the nerves and stuns them instead of just burning them off...

    The worst case scenario for nerve is a pain pump or a spinal cord pain dr wanted to implant me with one of those (I'm only 27, so she can .f.. off)...I am very responsive to pain meds and stay on them for now...

    What about pelvic physiotherapy ? a lot of people respond to that!

  • If you mean physical therapy for the pelvis, then yes, I tried that and it made the pain much worse in the short term. Im thinking my options are- possible removal of the tailbone, a block of the inferior hypograstic plexis, and/or a block of the sacro-coccyx joint.

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