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Upright or Seated MRI Scan for diagnosis in Pelvic Pain/possible Pudendal Neuralgia

I have now not sat down for 2 years and 9 months (except on the toilet). It frustrates me that I have had MRI scans whilst lying on my back, which is not my position of pain. As soon as I get out of bed and stand the pain slowly starts and builds up during the day. My only relief from pain and fatigue is to lie down. If I sit the pain very quickly gets a great deal worse.

I have just discovered that it is possible to have an MRI scan whilst standing or sitting, but only in a very few imaging centres, ( uprightmri.co.uk/ ). It seems to make sense to perform imaging while a person is in their position of pain. Has anyone had such a scan and was it useful?

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that sounds odd.

sorry, but nerves are quite small for a regular MRI

perhaps try a 3 Tesla MRI !!

I am very responsive to the amitrtiptyline for my pain, I also take magnesium which is amazing because it calms down the CNS

what I meant is it wouldn't help to have an MRI whilst seating down, it makes zero sense it can only view so much and nerves are very small

It doesn't matter what position your in though I see your point. I don't sit much anymore either. The MRI with contrast showed nothing I don't think that MRI is the right diagnostic test for pudenal neuralgia.

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Chica1943 in reply to juliansmom

I just had an MRI with Tesla 1.5 and it did show left pudental neuropathy.

it seems you are located in the UK, but I still hope that you find this useful somehow. There is one doctor in New York City, her name is Dr Hollis Potter. she is considered one of the best radiologists in North America and the world. she practices at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City and her special interest is in musculoskeletal issues. Her work is known far and wide. She produces typically ultra high quality scans of the entire pudendal nerve using a 5-Tesla imaging machine with contrast media. she uses her own proprietary algorithms for her scans of the pudendal nerve, but I have heard that she will provide her software to other radiologists who are interested in imaging out the pudendal nerve. but my guess is that you would have to find a 5-tesla scanner in your part of the country. you might try your most prestigious and/or university based Medical institutions first. remember Dr Potter can be reached at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City. The phone number is 212-606-1023.

I will pray for you.

Thank you for this information I am wondering if this scan can see an endo patch on the pudendal nerve ?

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Chica1943 in reply to Rossie21

The best test in diagnosing nerve problems is MR Neurography. Google it to try to find where it can be done in a city near you

one more thing, please be cautious with regard to using Open MRI technology. While open MRI allows for scanning of the patient while standing, it is also fairly well known that open MRI results are not as accurate as those performed on a flatbed scanner.for all intents and purposes if you can have a flatbed scan as opposed to an open scan please go with the former.I hope you have found this useful somehow.

I think the one you are talking about is the one that might show trapped Pudendal nerve. There is a private one in London and an NHS one. Private could be anything from Approx £1100 upwards. And this is very approx from another posting on another support site. On another posting on here it is a lot more than that. it is also known as a stand up MRI. I had thought about it but, although I more than likely have a Pudendal problem, I don't think it is trapped.

I gree, as soon as one steps out of bed it starts. I also find it helpful to get back into bed with feet up for 30 mins. after BO before getting up again. Because if I didn't my day would be worse pain discomfort wise.

Hi Katiemaria i am male in my mid 60s. I seem to have same symptoms as you. I’m fine when I wake up and then the bilateral burning groin pain starts up , expecially acute when I sit down , drive and lie on my back putting pressure on my lower back. MRIs , CT , ultrasound , EMG, physical therapy , spermatic cord lipomas surgical removal , inguinal hernia surgery , numerous visits to different doctors have not resolved the issue and it’s been significantly affecting my lifestyle for almost three years since getting very sick with violent vomiting after drinking contaminated water in St Petersburg Russia in October 2015. I was diagnosed and treated for prostatitis and multiple intestinal parasite disease but the pelvic pain still persists and is so debilitating. The doctors can’t find anything wrong with me !

Have you resolved your pelvic pain and ,if so, how ?

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Wilco1 in reply to Wilco1

My message was addressed to Katiemaria and anyone else out there with similar symptoms. I should add that I’ve also had bilateral SI Joint cortisone block infections as well as a cortisone injection into the symphisis but got no relief from the burning sensation/ pain in the groin.

I had an EMG as part of my diagnosis, along with MRI and CT scans.

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