Severe lower abdominal pain in the left side

Hi im 28 years old and im currently suffering from severe lower left abdominal pain and I am not comfortable when I stand it feels like something is being pulled down by gravity its un comfortable I cant sit or stand or lye down and I cant sleep ive been seeking help for a long time can someone please tell me what's going on with my body.

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  • Have you had an ultrasound scan ?

  • Ive had several in the last few months the pain and discomfort just wont go away .my doctor has asked for a stool sample which I take in tomorrow. Do hou think I need another scan

  • Have you got copies of the ultrasound reports ?

  • No my doctor has them he said they are all normal

  • I have had similar problems - normal scans etc - have you had any abdominal surgery??

  • No I havent appart from having my appendix taken out im suffering alot of pain everywhere in body now as well as my lower abdominal pain which is non stop

  • Pulled down sounds like a prolapse, but thats usually vaginal. The location sound like ovaries, but could be bowel.

    Any temperatures, sweats etc?

  • I feel like I can feel my left ovary tight and I have stabbing vaginal pain.... I believe I just had a chemical pregnancy do u think this could be part of it

  • Hi i'm going through the same, i also have lower back pain and sometimes pain in my vagina like electric shocks. At this very moment i'm sat here wv 2 hot water bottles. Have u had a internal scan ? I had one and was told i had a tube blocked, so i went in for a laproscopy, for it to be removed but it was clear. I am now having Zoladex hormone injections, as my consultant wants to rule out endometrisis. Are you on any medication ?. Did you have a stool sample tested ? what were the outcomes

  • Hi I am currently experiencing these symptoms and was wondering how u are now and did u find a cause and a resolution to this pain

  • Hi im worse now than I was before and no I still don't know what is causing it . I am yet to have a colonoscopy and a endoscopy in the next month or so.

  • hi I'm just wondering if you had any luck in finding out what the problem was ? I'm having similar problems. All scans normal even had a laparascopy. it showed no endo tissue and my zoladex injection isn't working and I'm on the 4th month. I don't mean to pester you I'm just desperate for an answer for this pain.

  • I can understand how you feel as I want awnsers too.Unfortunately I still don't know whats causing my problem it feels like I'm going round in circles sorry I don't have any awnsers .

  • I know what you mean this has been up for a while I am now 30 years old my left pelvic pain went away I now have problems in my right side which is worse yes ive had scan after scan xray after xray found nothing ive also had a laparoscopy found nothing. I still suffer now and now the hospital won't have nothing to do with me . So I can't really help I'm sorry hope you find the help you need .

  • hi can I ask if you found an answer please :(

  • Hi I have had all those rulled out. No im not on any meds except pain killers and I am yet to have a colonoscopy and a endoscopy in the next month or so ive had all sorts of tests done and nothing found its so frustrating .

  • Hi I'm still waiting for my stool test to come back . Ive been tested for endometriosis and it was clear . I feel the doctors aren't listening as ive been going threw this for a long time now and it is now at the point where I'm getting no sleep and the pain is constant and moves from side to side . When I stand up it feels heavy like gravity is pulling it to the ground, at times I get to a stage where im almost screaming or want to scream as it gets so excruciatingly painfull.

  • My symptoms were very similar, I'd had appendectomy & an ectopic & various abdominal procedures in the past...anyway after a moaning constantly it turned out the right sided pain was adhesions on the left side (adhered to the bowel) but being pulled to the left by adhesions on the right! However it was the other developing symptoms (bleeding etc) that finally convinced them to remove the womb where this was all found out...although it was very traumatic, as I've not had children, I will say it's the best decision I've ever made...

  • As the days go by im getting worse it hurts when I breath even just normally , my glands are now sore I'm getting severe pain in my stomach and on the side ive been crying to my partner as I cant handle it im tears even now I also get pains in my chest and back the docs arent helping I feel like im fighting for my life back. it really hurts I just want it to go still asking for help and getting no answer.

  • hi it sounds to me like this could be a classic case for adhesions and they cause a lot of pain and pulling sensations also not always detected on a scan !! i had stool tests and came back to me as microscopic colitis i would suggest a laprascopic procedure to see if you have adhesions and they will free them it carries the risk of causing more but when you get to the point you cant take the pain no more then you have to do whats right for you im waiting for bowel adhesion surgery currently on codeine phosphate and ora morph the pain is that bad i have a lot of sickly moments and my bowel movements are always lose i have chronic pain right and left side also false symptoms of water infection but this again is due to adhesions as my last surgery the adhesions was connected to the bowel the bladder and vaginal vault xx hope this helps you xxx

  • Thanks for that but ive been tested for that and nothing found . I just got back my blood test results and it seems that my white blood cell count is really high which indicates infection or inflammation the doctor doesn't know exactly where or what it is , but it is really painful even pain killers aren't working for me.

  • Hi stlouise, just caught up with your post I have been experiencing severe painon the lhs for 8 plus months this week my gp has realised that he has missed the possibility of me havinga rupture hernia in femoral area he is sending me for an urgent scan of the groin....I didnt realize it was a different scan to the other one I had done if you havent hadyour groin checked ask gp. I cant sit at all unless reclining like cleopatra, painkillers donot work nothing does. Good luck Karen xx

  • Hi what kind of scan was this please?

  • i have this exactly! only thing showing in my tests is inflammation. have they given you a pelvic xray?

  • I have been tested for endometriosis, but it was clear now. But after the problem was solved, i am still having some pain in the lower back. I don't know why, but sometimes it still hurts a lot. I have undergone the diagnosis at the aok emergency room in Houston Texas, and the reports are normal. Then also, there is some severe pain. Can anybody having the same problem and suggest me some solutions for that?

  • hi i have been experiencing simillar pains for the past 3 years and finaly 5 days ago i had a diagnostic laparoscopy and have a condition called pelvic congestion syndrome they found 3 varicose vain inside the left side of my pelvis, i have read up about it and it states that the majority of the time it can go undetected coz when u lay down to be examinde they go in hope this helps u and ur pain gets sorted very soon

  • Hey! I just came across your post and your posting kind of reminded me of myself. I had severe stomach distention, loss of appetite, constipation,horrific pressure and abdominal pain, pelvic pain, a pulling feeling in my pelvis, and if I ate, worked out, stood up I felt like something in my lower abdomen was falling down! I had extensive tests run, ultrasounds, x rays, ct scans, bloodwork, pelvic exams, allergy testing, and I even got to the conclusion it was adhesions because I've had abdominal surgeries before. I had expoloratory laparotomy to check for endometrises and adhesions and they didn't find anything! I knew something was not right with my body and I eventually headed to a motility clinic and they gave me a test called a defecograpghy. It showed that I had a sigmoidocele - which is a prolapse of redundant sigmoid colon which is on the left side! So basically my sigmoid colon fell down into my pelvis! All if these x rays and expoloratory surgery couldn't find it because when you are laying down for these procedures - everything goes into place. When your positioned upright for the defecography - since it's gravity they can see with barium when organs fall down. I may not be right but if you haven't had the defecograpghy please get it done! I saw 5 GI's, 3 primary care drs, 1 colorectal surgeon and 8 ER visits, and 2 obgyns and they all missed it!!!!

    I hope this helps!!!! Heather!

  • Hi, just came across this post. I've had a rocky road myself. Started about a year sago and not had a pain free day since. After having to bouts of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease through no fault of my own, I developed Salpingitis.

    Long story short I'm going for a HSG (dye test) tomorrow to see if both tubes are blocked.

    Hope you get some answers


  • Hi heather how is your situation one year later? I'm having similar symptoms and arranging my first defecography because no one can find anything after a dynamic pelvic MRI, CT scan and colonoscopy. Hope you have found some relief. - Milkshakes

  • Hello,

    Once they figured out your problem which seems similar to mine what did they do to fix it????? esop53535

  • Hi, I have been suffering periodically with lower left pelvic pain. It is not constant but when I comes it is quite painful. I had a hysterectomy years ago , so I do not have a uterus, or cervix.

    I do however have ovaries, that have some cysts, that I have been following for years with ultrasound. I had an ultrasound recently after my last episode of pain and amazinlynthe cysts had either disappeared or shrunk in size. I was going to go for a colonoscopy, but I'm wondering if they could see if there was a problem with my sigmoid colon? I have never heard of a motility clinic or the defecography. Is this something that will be hard to find? Also I do not have constipation or stomach distensio, so I don't know if that rules that diagnosis out?

    I'd appreciate any info you could give me.


  • Did you ever find out what was wrong? Currently I'm going through the same thing I went to gyno they did blood testing ultrasound internal and external all was normal. Then I ended up being in so much pain I went to urgent care which they did a cat scan and had me drink the dye. The cat scan had what they called a thickened wall sent me home stating colitis and antibiotics. Next morning I was unable to keep liquids down with increased pain and lower body such as legs and back also in pain. Saw the GI today they're stating the cat scsn showed nothing that it wasn't colitis and sounds like gyno problem. Took blood again and need to send in stool samples. Mind you I'm still in a lot of pain and finished with my antibiotics and just want to know what is wrong with me and fix it.

  • Hi jay723 no I haven't been able to find the problem causing my pain I am still suffering and it seems to get worse over time . I have had all tests and scans and got nothing . I'm still fighting . So whatever you do don't give up k.

  • HI i hope by now u will be ok...but if u do not find answer try to find colitis ask u r doctor to see if u can find answers sorry for u r pain God bless.

  • Have you tried chiropractic?

    I have your same symptoms at my left pelvis, it does feel like something is being pulled down by gravity, it's like having an extra weight on my left side.

    I have been treated by a chiropractor twice so far in the last 2 weeks and the pain has decreased dramatically. I got explained and showed how my left pelvis was shifted upwards effecting tissues and muscles around it.

    My chiropractor managed to shift my pelvis back in position, however every 1 or 2 weeks I have to go back to make sure it is still in place as between sessions the pelvis tends to move back to the incorrect position.

    The day after the treatments some pain is getting out due to the movement of the bones, the second day you will feel the improvements.

    I am combining chiropractic with physiotherapy to remove the pain to the tissues and muscles around the pelvis removing the pain in the tissues in my butt chins.

    physiotherapy is an excellent pain relief but you will keep getting pains if you don't fix the pelvis as the pelvis in the wrong position causes tissues and muscles to stretch.

    Personally at first I didn't know what my pain was cause from so I started with physiotherapy, 1 session every week for 3 weeks. After that I was in heaven however my physiotherapist suggested me to visit a chiropractic as she thought my pelvis was causing the issue (spot on!). I have now visited my chiropractor twice in the last 2 weeks and now asked to wait a bit longer between sessions as the pelvis will get better and better, but it takes time.

  • Hi Marco what kind of adjustments did your chiro make? I am seeing a pelvic floor physical therapist and wondering what the difference is between her methods and a chiro's. Thanks!

  • I have had intense pain in the left side of my pelvis. I had my ovaries scanned and nothing was found. I went back to my doctor and she diagnosed a hernia. Although it feels like a lady pain I can now track the pain with the amount of activity I have had during the day. If you haven't been checked for a hernia I would suggest you ask about it.

  • Hi my name is Denise im 22 im in the same position as you im in constant pain in my ovaries I have had an ultrasound but it came back with an inlarged ovary the hospital can help me my asmatha is bad so is my diabetes do the doctors and consultants really kno what they are on about as the pain is just intense feels like my ovary is exploding nobody seems to help me the hospital turns me away because they cant help me

  • Sounds like pudendal neuralgia. I have the same symptoms and was finally diagnosed in may

  • Just come across your post I am having the same pains myself, today they have been so bad my husband was going to ring an ambulance, I'm 42 and the last 7 months my periods have been getting terrible I sometimes have 2 a month, last period in april I bled for 16 days doc thinks I'm a bit young for the menopause but they are going to do blood tests and scans to check for that and also check for fibroids.

  • I have had a cramp in my lower left abdomen for 3 or 4 months that has been getting steadily more painful. A month ago I saw blood in my stool that lasted for 3 days. Today I am in moderate to severe pain in my lower left side the radiates up to my ribs and into my lower back. Sometimes I get sharp stabs in different places. I have the sensation that something is pulling down on my ovary when I stand or walk too. I can't get comfortable at night because of the pulling. I've noticed that lately when I have to have a bowel movement, the pain gets unbearable until after I've eliminated. I've stopped going to gym because I get lightheaded and nauseous when I do cardio workouts. I have had blood and fecal tests(both normal) and ultrasound. They only found a couple normal fibroids (NIL acute) on my left ovary. I have been referred to a gynecologist and a GI doctor. I will ask for a defecography test.

    To MerGirl18... Are you pain free? How did they fix your colon?

  • Hi guys good news after four years the doctor has finally found my problem my gallbladder isn't working properly I am now waiting to get it removed .

  • Did your gallbladder cause all of these similar symptoms??

  • My pain was coming from my right side the whole time pain in my left side was coming from my right its hard to explain .

  • StLouise I'm so happy for you. Thank God you are ok now. I hope I find my solution too. I am 26years, I've been having lower right abdominal pain for the past 9months now. I've done blood test, stool, urine, HVS and both pelvic and abdominal scan. The doctor said its PID. I've taken antibiotics and it helped but the pain comes back. I have movement in my stomach, I've been on antibiotics,intravenous and pain killer for a while now but the pain is now constant and the drugs are not working anymore. I'm about to do a transviginal scan. I hope I get help. Please someone help me out please.

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