New Menopause Guidelines for GPs

Today we have made our HRT prescribing guidelines available for download via this link:

The guidelines promote the use of HRT as a safe treatment for women who are menopausal. HRT is no longer linked with breast cancer or ovarian and has proven to be the best option for the majority of women

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  • Thanks piggypower, and no not offended at all. It's different perspectives that are needed for everyone to process and work through the lot they've been handed. I can never know if those stories would mean the same to me if I weren't genetically related. I see genetics playing a role in that... I'm descended from these people and related to them by blood so the stories are important to me. I did talk to my mother about using her mother's name and she didn't seem overly bothered by it either way. Of course I could have a boy and it wouldn't even be an issue. I guess because I miscarried a girl, it hits home more.