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I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good life insurance company/policy for an adult with PCD?

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I got a quote from one firm and because PCD was an unknown condition, my quote was then quadrupled. I am hoping to find a policy that will not cost too much more just because of my condition.

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Got completely turned down in Canada- so don't have any. Good luck.

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Sorry to hear that PetreK. Thanks for your reply.

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I’m afraid, I gave up on getting life insurance in the end, as they wanted silly money to insure me, it just wasn’t feasible. I’m hoping someone else on here maybe able to help you, if they’ve had better luck.

I’m presuming you are based in the UK.


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Thanks for your reply Terry. Oh no that is such a pain! I was told the cost went up so much because it is an ‘unknown condition’ to insurers so it is a big red flag 😕. I will keep searching.

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