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If we are shielding, does that mean we wont be able to get back to normal life until we have a vaccine even if everyone else is??

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Hi Chrissie ... we are trying to get answers to this question for everyone. Keep an eye on our website for answers.

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Chrissie82 in reply to fionac66

Thank you, will do!

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Chrissie82 in reply to fionac66

I have since received a message from the NHS Coronavirus Service saying that i can come out of shielding on the 30th June unless I hear differently from a healthcare provider. It seems very precise and i am not sure on what evidence this is based on so I will watch and wait. Hopefully it is a light at the end of the tunnel!

In theory I guess yes, we'd have to be kept in but realistically I don't see how it can happen. Interested to hear from the experts and updated guidance!

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