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Shielding letter in Scotland?

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Has anyone with PCD living in Scotland received a shielding letter? My son hasn't had one and we can't find out how to register. His GP and hospital have not been able to help, they just say to wait until the letter arrives.

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Hi... you can register here if you need help

If he needs a letter for work then we can supply one ... just email me at

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SkyeJan in reply to fionac66

Thanks Fiona. That link is for England only. It does give a link for Scotland but there is no option to self register. There is now a helpline number which we will try.

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fionac66 in reply to SkyeJan

Ok good luck


We r on Scotland and my son has received his letter last week. Did u get one? I was told by his Respiritory nurse not all kids with PCD will get a letter unless their LF is really low, unfortunately my son falls into this category



His shielding letter arrived on Sunday 26th, which happened to be his birthday!