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Nhs text or phone call


Good morning,

Can soneone explain a bit more about the text or phone call, is it just to tell you if you are considered vulnerable? Does it have any relevance with whether or not you will receive govt pay or not? What do i expect to hear??

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I’m yet to receive a text/call.. I’ve received a letter in the post from my clinic which was sent out last Thursday with advice like stay away from pubs, restaurants etc which have all now been forced to shut so the letter is kind of out of date. There’s no instruction of 12 week “shielding” as well but my guess is that I will be expecting the letter to say I’m in the higher risk group as the government have said they’ll be with us by the Sunday 29th.

I'm not sure if itll say about gov pay but that letter may be used as proof for it maybe? We are in the 'shield for 12 weeks category' if you keep an eye on the PCD website they give you information and I think there is a Q&A bit on there which may cover pay ... but not 100% sure pcdsupport.org.uk/. I also heard that those letter arent due to be with us until next week too :)

Thank you for the replies,

Yes, that's good to have clarified, I was wondering if the text/call could be used as proof for my employer so I will wait to hear. I am a key worker in a primary school and I am due to go back to work after 2 weeks Isolation next week but realise that I wont be able to.

Many thanks and stay well everybody.

Hi Everyone, even if you don’t receive a text or phone call, if you have PCD, shielding is advised at the moment for adults and children. Please keep an eye on the PCD support website, we’ve added a section of activities to keep people of all ages occupied and an FAQ. Some people may be eligible to claim ESA, amongst other benefits during this time. Unfortunately we are unable to give specific advice for everyone but hopefully the information on the website gives you a point in the right direction. Lastly, we are expecting a national statement for people with PCD to be released by the NHS commissioners and the doctors today. We will add this to our social media and our website when it is issued.

Take care, stay safe and do your physio!



Hi Chrissie - some of the hospitals have contacted their patients and some have been so overwhelmed with Covid-19 patients they have been unable to do this.

We now are not expecting all PCD patients to necessarily receive the letter, but even if they all did, we can pretty much guess the contents by now: stay at home for 12 weeks and follow the government guidelines for the most vulnerable groups.

There is a statement that has been compiled by all four centres which is available on our website to read. This has been written by the doctors across the specialist PCD teams and applies to all adults and children with PCD: pcdsupport.org.uk/covid-19-... The vulnerable are expected to remain indoors for at least 12 weeks but those in the same household are advised to practise social distancing extremely carefully, so it should mean you are still able to go out and get things on your behalf. If you are also affected by something that makes you vulnerable, you could register for support on the government website.

If you need any specific advice it is best to contact your Clinical Nurse Specialist. Alternatively you can contact us directly to the email chair@pcdsupport.org.uk.

Good luck and stay safe.

This conversation didn't show up when I looked in earlier and I posted my own question. Apologies for that.

I haven't had a letter but another person local to me with PCD has had a text and now a letter as well. Going to try and speak to my consultant on Monday although I'm guessing he'll be extremely busy

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