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Hi has anybody had hearing problems at work? How did you overcome this and is there any support available? ( other than using a hearing aid and using saline)

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Hello I work as a vehicle technician and we have hearing tests due to a noise workshop environment and all my test come back as I have mild hearing loss which my work do not like and they try to make me sign disclaimers.

I do really notice my hearing loss especially in areas where other noise or loud talking is going on.

I do not have any aids for hearing.

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Thank you for your reply

Yes noisy environments are a problem


Hello Faux

I would say many of us with PCD have hearing loss to some extent, which can affect their everyday lives. Some try to live with it until it gets to a point where a hearing aid will help. It maybe worth going to your GP and getting referred to the audiology department at your local hospital, where they can test the extent of your loss and whether you need hearing aids.

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Thank you for your message

I am having the same problem myself and I just followed up with my ENT. I have some hearing loss in the right ear. My ENT prescribed Pulmicort nebules which is being adding to my saline nasal rinse everyday. The new medication helped my sinus a lot surprisingly and my hearing got better. I was told that if needed in the future I can benefit from tubes being put surgically in my ear(s). The hearing impairment can be embarrassing and socially isolating and I hate being judged by others at work when I have a hearing impairment.

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Thank you for your message, my ENT gives me nasonex nasal spray. It helps a bit. Not been able to hear I agree is embarrassing.

I have just been prescribed maxidex drops which have helped my hearing loss which was caused by inflammation in the ear. Good luck.

I have hearing loss too. Consultant has offered hearing aids when I feel it's at a point where I can't hear enough day to day. I've left it for now but I don't think it will be too long. It's up and down though weirdly. Sometimes it's pretty good and others I can hear very little x

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