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Problem with applying too sixth form.


I’m 16 and in year 11, had my sixth form interview today at the school I go too and I was adviced not to do the the subject choices I’ve picked which are Sciences which I’m more than capable of doing (predicted grades all As),even though I’ve missed over year of school through illness over the past three years.They said this is in case in case I “become ill” and that it will be “too strenuous on my health” and “would be too much of a risk” even though all my subject teachers think I’m more than capable. They have send me home too pick new options, which would “better fit my situation”.

The school has also never helped me with catch up work and I have only received support from two teachers, one of which has bronchitis.

I’d like too ask for advice on how to proceed because I’ve been told by multiple people too make a formal complaint over disability discrimination over the head and student support teacher of sixth form but I don’t know if this is the right thing to do.

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Hi Charlie,

I have PCD and am a Sixth Form adviser - so I hope I can help you here! I would be happy to have a chat with you to give you some advice. If you want to send me a direct message (privately) we can work out a time to chat. In the very least, you are free to choose whatever subjects you want - so you can always push back on whatever this school are saying to you. There are some elements of truth to some of these situations, however. For example, sciences are very linear in the course teaching (e.g. you need to know the bit before to do the bit that follows). This means if you miss any teaching, it can be really hard to slot back into class and understand what is going on. Humanities and social sciences are different in that respect - they are more isolated in some ways and can sometimes be more easily learnt at home as individual units of knowledge.

I think another thing to consider is what your predictions at GCSE are. If you are aiming to get A grade A-Levels, the step up from GCSE to A Level in the sciences can be tough for a lot of students. If your predictions at GCSE indicate you are stronger in humanities, that might be something to consider too. However, if you love sciences and that's what you want to do with your life, then of course you have the right to do that! The advice from friends you have received is true - it is absolutely not ok for the school to not allow you to do certain courses because of your health, however you may find that it is just them trying to give you well meaning advice and not that they actively won't let you do those subjects.

If you want to get in touch, we can have a chat about what you want to do in the future etc. and what A Levels might suit you best and go from there. If it's any consolation, I know plenty of PCD people with top A Level grades and who have graduated from top universities (myself included) - don't let others define your ability.



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Hi Lucy

Thank you!This has helped me so much you can’t understand in making my decision and I’m going to Pursue the career I want to in science and the humanities and I’m going to do biology,chemistry and geography because it’s what I love and want to do in the future and I can’t see myself doing anything else and I can do it with the support of my teachers and mates who understand my condition - I’m also going too make a complaint too the school governors, because this isn’t the first time this has happened too someone with a disability/health issue at my school and I don’t want it to happen again to anyone else.Once again this has made my day and helped me - thank you🙏🏻

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Have sent you a direct message re further support we can offer. Good luck!

I wish I was diagnosed earlier in life when I was young because all that you stated seems familiar to me and I wish I had someone to advocate on my behave. My advice is to

have a guardian attended a meeting with you and the principal and guardians counselor with the proper documentation from your doctor to support your medical needs and together advocate a plan to better assist your studies with your health concerns.

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