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Sinus operation

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Hi all, first time on here! I have been diagnosed with PCD and situs invertus since birth. I am about to have an operation on my sinuses to remove parts of a sinus infection. Has anyone had this before?! Never had an operation before. Thanks in advance!

2 Replies

Hello Reido

I can't help advise you, as it's not something I've had done myself. I did have a few sinus washouts as a child and had my adenoids removed at the same time that I had my tonsils removed, but that's it.

These days I do a daily sinus rinse, using a NeilMed saline mixture and bottle. This works well for me and keeps blockages at bay, thus helping keep infections down as well.

Hopefully someone on here will be able to help you and I wish you luck when you have your procedure.


I am so sorry to hear about your upcoming surgery. I myself had a past sinus surgery and for what I can remember it was not pleasant. It took me two weeks to feel better after the surgery and I was in bed the entire time. The outcomes were beneficial and I could breath much better.


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