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Conceiving without ivf?

Hello I’m new here ! I have never spoken to anyone with PCD before and its just been so amazing reading all the stories.

I myself have PCD . I was diagnosed when i was 3 years old. I am now 26 years old .

My husband and I would like to start a family hopefully. I didn’t think it was possible until I read here , so thank you ladies and gents! I am honestly in tears knowing that maybe there is a chance for me to be a mother even with PCD !

I do have a question. Has anyone with PCD conceived ‘naturally ‘ without ivf or is there no point trying? Should we try or just go straight into the ivf route?

Thank you in advance x

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Yes! Quite a few of our members have conceived naturally. Have you checked out our website pcdsupport.org.uk/what-is-p...

Good luck!


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Thank you Fiona !


Yes, we did. Albeit after 8 yrs/IVF and then adopting our beautiful boy a few yrs ago. So far having a healthy pregnancy although findin I'm getting tired very easily now.

Don't know why it happened all of a sudden after years of interventions but it did and it was completely natural. :)

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Hello Emma thank you for replying x

Oh wow congratulations thats amazing!

How are you handling physio and other treatments while being pregnant?

I hope it all goes well for you 😊

Adoption is something else we are very passionate about too (with or without pcd) so that is another option that we have x


All fine at the moment. I feel really tired by Thursday afternoons when I finish work now though, I don't work fridays. I'm also not exercising as much because I'm tired so I'm noticing I'm shorter of breath easier but still manage physio ok at the moment.

As for adoption, it was hands down the best decision we've ever made. Our little chap is just the most perfect little thing in the world (despite still running riot on the landing demanding an easter egg when he should've been asleep at 7pm!). It couldn't have been any better for us really. I hope all goes to plan, likewise keep us updated!

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I meant to add also that as PCD isn't a specific cause of infertility for women I would imagine a Dr would tell you to try naturally for a year then refer you to a specialist if no luck after that. You are the same as I was when we started trying so you will hear drs tell you how young you are and how much time you have before you have to worry so I doubt they'd be keen to send you straight to IVF.

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Thank you Emma . Even though I have had the condition most of my life I’m very new in this stage of life where I have started thinking about starting a family and how it ties in with my condition. So I have a long way to go in terms of learning.

Thank you for your words I do appreciate it. We are due to see my consultant in May thats when we will bring it up to him and hopefully go from there x

Yes the plan is to try naturally first and see what happens .

I don’t blame your little one with the Easter eggs! I need to stop eating them myself!! He sounds like a little bundle of joy .

Will do x Thanks



Like you it’s a breath of fresh air to learn that those with IVF have conceived naturally.

I was diagnosed with PCD pretty much at birth and was always under the impression from the age of 16 I’d need help with having children.

GP’s like you to be ‘trying’ for 2 years (or in my area anyway) before referring you. Every area is different however, it’s then a case of jumping through all the hoops. You’ll have various tests, medication to try before funding is applied for. This process took me 3 years to then receive a funding letter. Frustratingly I’m having to go through this process twice! 🙈 it’s been super stressful!

My advice is, if you’d like a family and feel you’re ready or nearly ready- start trying now. Down load the fertility apps, track your ovulation etc. So if you do find you struggle you know you’ve really looked into timings etc.

When my consultant explained the actual process it took to conceive it’s a miracle anyone does!! 🙊😆 Lol! Everyone’s ovulation cycle is different and the window is quite small for conceiving.

I’d also recommend researching your own CCG area of IVF funding as not every area is receiving funding. If you’re in an area that doesn’t it will give you a heads up to whether you need to start savings (just in case) etc for it now, rather than getting to a point later on and being unprepared.

All of my tests came back clear, in my mind the ‘only’ issue is getting the egg to where it needs to be... unfortunately our first round of IVF was unsuccesful and are gearing up for our second round.

It appears with all the wonderful science it still isn’t always a straight forward process, but I definitely believe it’s a combination of science and magic!

The important thing is that you take care of yourself. Do lots of research in to how you can support your body in being the most hospitable environment to grow a little one and give yourself the best chance.

If you want to chat any more then feel free to ask any questions

Wishing you lots of luck on your journey, I have everything crossed for you x

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I lived undiagnosed with PCD until 40. I recommend the book- The Billings Method- I used it to not get pregnant and then later to conceive. I have actually lent the book to couples who are having difficulty to have a second child without health issues.

I actually had 3 miscarriages before my first son was born. I will never know if PCD was the main factor. My doctor was about to send me for tests but then Nicholas worked with a natural birth and we are off for a weekend of serious mountain bike races. He is 15. I was 35 when I had him. Then I had one more miscarriage before I had my second son at 40- also born naturally- very fast and furious and he is a healthy 9-year-old. It was when I was about 8 or 9 weeks along with my second that all my coughing caused me to pass a big blob of blood and I was very concerned I was having another miscarriage but my doctor sent me to the specialist who said I had Kartageners and put me on asthma pumps for the rest of the pregnancy. It certainly helped me at the time. Now I know so much more about how to live with PCD and my routines have changed.

I would not give up and I did not even consider IVF. Stay as healthy and fit as you can with a good diet. And have fun (without any pressure) trying.

If you have any other questions please ask.

Good luck x.

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Thank you everyone for all your advice and stories

They have all given me a lot of hope and insight .

I haven’t actually spoken to a doctor about it (due to see him in May) so if I’m honest I thought women with PCD just cannot conceive without help.

We have decided to just not ‘obsess’ over it and just have fun without pressure for a few years (I am 26years old)

And go from there x

I am underweight and have with the help of dietician started a regime to put on weight healthily .

Also we have gotten a treadmill and weights to start my fitness regime with the help of my physiotherapist(my consultant likes me to avoid going out or being around crowds in the winter) . With the weather clearing up we can start outdoor activities also.

I have followed advice here and gotten the ovulation apps etc just so I’m a little more aware x

Anyone have any advice on vitamins or supplements that worked for them?

Hopefully these things will all help


Good luck to anyone else who is trying.. would love to stay updated x


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