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Itchy looking bite's

Don't know if this is all to do with the Dreaded Itch but i am getting area's on my body that look like i have been bit they really itch and then bleed,i get like a tingling feeling first then when i scratch the area bite looking little lumps appear,i have got quite a few on my arms and legs just wondered if this is how the itch affects anyone else,myskin is such a mess,also my feet are very red itchy and dry no matter what i use.Any idea's please.

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I came out in lots of little red lumps on my lower legs and buttocks when first took the itch from PBC and dermatoligist told me it was foliculitis from all the scratching however the antibiotics she rescirbed made the itch worse so stopped them and eventually lumps disappeared. I take Questran Light for the itch you need to get this on prescription. If you click onto my previous blog have on there some advice re itch as it is at times crazy! And you feel like your going crazy with it. Small bit of advice keep your nails short so that you do not damage your skin with all the scratching. Hope you get relief from it soon.


That is how i found out i had PBC my dermatologist finally did some blood work an my liver insymes were elevated. The sores were from the itch but it had went on so long i have scars,but Thank God,the Drs gave me Questran to take the bile out the way it should go,ask your Dr about it. Good Luck


My skin on my lower legs especially doesn't look great anymore due to persistent rubbing and itching when I have the itch at night.

The backs of my calves have gone a tanned shade which I believe is common on areas that are constantly rubbed or scratched in PBC.

I occasionally get some tiny bumps but I think as littlemo stated, it is due to the hair follicles reacting to the scratching. I also noticed that after these little bumps that became red healed up, you can see slight brown marks (scars) now due to this PBC. Think need the sun that is pending to really brighten my legs up as last yr they looked far better than they did over the winter period.

One thing I do try to do is keep my legs aired and also use an cheap emollient aqueous cream on my legs morn and/or night to try to keep them from becoming dry.


Thank's for the help,my appointment is tomorrow with my consultant,i will ask (well i will tell him ) i want to try Questran, sound's like it's worth a go,other than that i shall go completely out of my mind.Take Care


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