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uncomfortable abdomen-first symptom?

Help! im new to forum just diagnosed in jan this year.At first no problems but recently noticed i have lots of weight on middle- thought it was menapause weight and that my bra was digging in me.havent put much if any weight on but have the most uncomfortable feelin in my upper abdomen.Its more to the right but occasionally central and left too.Feels like there should be a huge lump or ball there but when i press on there is nothing.Its scaring me to death, cant see my consultant till May and my doc doesnt know what P bc is.Feel like Sigourney Weaver in Aliens!Sorry have to joke- please is this common as a first symptom? Thanks for listening.

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Hi caa22, that is one of the biggest problems i have.Really quite sever pain in the upper stomach and my bra tends to feel like its digging into the sore area by the end of the day. My doctors says the food is not passing through my system quick enough and staying in the upper colan and causing huge bloating pain and nausea, ie lack of bile to aid digestion.I have just started Domperidone,only 2 days, so too soon to say if its working, but it is meant too, try and talk to your GP about this and see if they can look into or help in any way. May is a long time to wait. Good luck :)


thanks for that advice.I dont have nausea but some indigestion.Although i have an appitite i feel if i dont eat it may relieve it.I have an appointment with gp on mon.Just worried as this seems to be start of my symptoms and hospital really only told me about itching.


Try watching what you eat, cut down on fats i find it can help the stomach. Have a good browse around this site, it seems sadly there can be many systmons, some small and some not so. Dry eyes, muscle/joint pains, memory problems i find cant seem to remember as well as even a few months back. This site has given me loads of help and good tips. I get very miserable and even angrt as i feel quite alone as if no one understands or cares,, which sadly i think most people are quite selfish. but hey thats just me.. Keep reading so you can write a list of questions your GP may or may not be able to help, just be prepared xx


I understand how you feel.Im swinging from feeling really positive to why me feelings.Take care.xx

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