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I am new to this site and have PBC since 2001 and I am now 59yrs old, I'm wanting to know if anyone has been/on the medication Rituximab? If so, could you tell me about any side effects etc as I am worried about trying this product as I have been asked to take part in a research study.

Any information or help would be appreciated.

Many Thanks


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I have just seen an article in Liver North online mag with regards to this trial for Rituximab.

As yet I don't think there is much information about it as I understand that humans taking part in these trials are accepted after trials previously (normally healthy humans) to target patients with specific conditions that the drug may be put out for what they are being trialed for (in this case it is what it can do for fatigue).

You can find information about stages of drug trials online by going through the NHS Clinical Trails website as I recall as it has been a year since I last read a bit about these.


Thank you peridot, I'll have a read through the NHS clinical trials website.


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