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Food poisoning

I have PBC and recently it was found I had Campylobacter a notifiable bacteria, it has knocked me for 6 and I feel really unwell after meal times, I feel faint and my head goes tight with loud whistling in my ears I feel I lose strength in my limbs and I am so hot, I am wobbly on my feet and I get palpitations my chest goes tight as well, I have been like this now for a good month and my recent two stool tests are clear of infection, this unwell feeling comes 10 mins after food and nothing I can put my finger on. The consultant I see for my liver says its the liver problem and the Campylobacter will affect me more than the average person by twice as much. I have had numerous blood tests and seen the Dr many times and I am getting desperate now, I cannot go on like this. If anyone here can help having had similar experience then I would like to hear from you please.

Thankyou in anticipation Plucky

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I was diagnosed with this, after diagnosis of Pbc. I had an endoscopy which showed this infection. Due to Pbc , you cannot be treated with the usual way, so I had to take 14 tablets a day.

they did the breath test 1 month after and was clear.

seems to be linked to Pbc.




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