Has anyone had a fibroscan done and know what the scores mean?

I had a fibroscan done almost two years ago but was just discussing it recentlly with my consultant who indicated my reading means I have advanced fibrosis of my liver and wondered if anyone else has been told this and does this mean there is a good probability that I will develop cirrhosis soon? I was so shocked I didn't get to ask the consultant this and wont see him again for four months.

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  • When you have PBC your liver doesn't just change all over, all at once. You could have areas which show fibrosis, areas which have chirosis and areas that are relatively healthy . Back 10 years ago on biopsy I had Fibrosed areas and now on fibroscan I apparently have areas that are chirrosed . But over all I don't feel that much different.... Try it to worry too much, you Will be able to ask him to explain everything when you see him. If you are worried you could always ring your doctors secretary and ask if the results can be explained to you. Or you could ring the PBC foundation office And they will be ble to explain fully about how PBC works And how chnges occur in a damaged liver ... X

  • I had a fibroscan to see if I was OK for an operation, my consultant was fantastic and explained everything during my appointment. I suggest you contact yours and ask them to go through the scores and what they mean to you. Hope this helps.

  • Thanks for that have decided to just put it out of my head and ask consultant more about it at next apt. Not much I can do anyway. I have always just tried not to have pbc rule my life and my motto is usually just to get on with life despite having pbc rather than let it be a focus in my life. Main thing is at the moment I feel great apart from the fatigue but I can live with that and have found recetly doing exercise every day seems to help with that. Hope your all keeping well too. Bfn.:-)

  • I had one this year. I was told that I do have liver damage but not cirrhosis. Glancing at the readings when they were being done made me think that things were pretty bad but my consultant didn't seem too concerned. Not a lot we can do really. Pretty bothered by the itch and fatigue but just plodding on with things. If you are losing sleep over it then I agree with the others that you ask your consultant to go over things with you. Take care. x

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