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can please someone help ive apealed against esa i got sanctioned for not attending a meeting even tho i was in hospital at the time

i had a home visit when i got out as i have strokes caused by hemopoligic migrains and am scizophinic and suffer with bipola i got told i was on the wrong benifit so appealed ive recived a letter saying its not off to tribuneral because they have been notified by a decision maker they have made a decision on the esa im not sure wats going on or wat to expect i no they thought i was well enough to work even after reciving medical notes hench why i appealed im just getting stressed with it all and im not sure how much im ment to get feel like im in the dark

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I think you need to go to an advice centre, you need qualified help :)


I agree with Dinny

if you have mental as well as physical health problems, I would think it might be better to go to a specialist advisor. They are often better experienced in dealing with all the things that are worrying you and they are very experienced in fighting with the system on your behalf. There are many good voluntary organisations out there. Someone like Citizens Advice or the PBC Foundation would be able to point you in the direction of someone who would be well able to help you.

It is often a long and lonely job fighting with the benefits people - it will be a lot easier if you have someone fighting your corner. They can also help you to get support and assistance outside the benefits system


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