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Hello everyone, all the information given from all of you is very helpful.Told about this only 4 weeks, still not seen anyone hopefully next week.

Have any of you tried integrated medicine, this is to fight the fatigue, itchtness and to get liver tests to normal levels if so give some experience I have tried the Dove clinic and hope this is a good thing to do, whilst waiting to see especialist.

Any tips to fight fatigue on holidays, you know holidays means a lot of waking and eating out.

Thank you


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I would suggest you gets some information about OMEGA 3 (from fish oil but maybe even more valuable from flax seeds) for chronic fatigue, Sjogren's, malabsorbtion, liver functioning.

What we eat has a huge (yes, huge) impact on how we feel and out energy level. If you read about the enteric nervous system (so-called the second brain or the brain in the guts) then you'll understand even more about influence of diet on mental energy and mood.

Just as the PBC Foundation recommends, and maybe your doctors, too - eat 5 times a day, not big food quantities, but nutrients rich foods, as little procesed as possible, without too much salt, sugar, preservatives and flavour enhancers.

Drink plenty of water. According to the PBC Foundation''s PBC Compendium (which I know gives accurate information), a loss of 2% of your body fluids can influence a loss of up to 20% (!) of your energy. Water, tea, natural juices, not Coke or other chemical and sugar loaded stuff.

.. just to name a few of the things you can do :).


Thank you, yes I have change my diet drastically, at the same time it does not make sense to take tablets as a supplement as this is metabolise in the liver.

I will let you know how it goes with the specialist on monday



Everything you ingest is metabolised in the liver, this is theoretically no argument against Omega 3 supplements - do research this a bit and to your doctor . Omega 3 capsuls can be from fish oil or from flax seeds, mainly, both with some advantages and reasons to be careful though. Get information and then see :). I do know about this but is fair that you research and go ask for yourself.

All the best.


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