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Hi all

Just wondered if anyone has had of got Jaundice and if so if anyone knows if taking the urso will clear it up?

thank you x

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Hi Chardan,

I have had, and still get mild jaundice (along with ascites) and had been on URSO for a year before I first got it so I doubt it does clear it up.

On a positive note, if you do have it mildy ( as in the whites of your eyes are not too yellow) a lot of my colleagues say - gosh you look well! Think the slight yellow hue to my skin tone makes me look like I have been in the sun.................if only they knew!

Dont know anyones elses experiences?


Im like you busylady, I get it mild and have very often been asked if I were on holiday or been on a sunbed, actuall I remember when I first started URSO, my true colouring came back which is really pasty white, the amount of people who asked if I was unwell was unreal lol


Hi ladies, thank you so much for replying. I wish people said I looked well sometimes, all I get told is how yellow I look, some days are worse than others though. It's so nice to get an answer to one me my many questions though, thank you again


Hi ya,

I have PBC / AIH had high billirubin on diagnosis with severe itch & bruising badly. The billirubin causes jaundice - I was on questran / cholestrimine. Speak to your doctor and see if its appropiate for your treatment. Im on steroids and immunosuppressants also Ursofalk 2g, Ursofalk is to slow progression of PBC.

Good luck with it



thank you Gra, sorry for delay been on hol's

i will certainly mention this to the specialist when i see him, i find i am bruising quite a lot from where i have been scratching too

thank you again



hi, I was admitted to hospital with jaundice 7 weeks ago, which is where they found out I had AIH and PBC. I had a plastic stent inserted into my bile duct to relieve the jaundice, but it was pretty bad. I am so numb at this point, I never expected this at age 47, and my symptoms are horrendous, but I also have hashimotos disease as well. I feel the billirubin levels are responsible for the jaundice mine were 2000 when went into hospital, they are now down to 250. I am taking prednisalone steroids and azathioprine.

My AIH and PBC is a direct result of my hashimotos thyroiditis going untreated for over 18 years, but anyone on here knows that doctors these days rely on blood tests more than clinical presentation and diagnosis. I will say I hev a very good consultant looking after me now, but I have no idea about these conditions could anyone please help.

Could any one please tell me what symptoms are for which condition..I have so many.

Thank You



I hard to say what symptoms are from which condition. What they think is that they all are autoimmune. Get one then you are more likely to get more. The symptoms overlap.

For now there is no cure for any of the autoimmune diseases, at best they try to treat the symptoms. Some, like excessive tiredness, does not seem to have a treatment that works.


Chardan, jaundice is caused by elevated bilrubim levels, the normal levels are 0.2-1.2 mg/dL, GENERALLY speaking when the levels reach 2-3mg/dl jaundice sets in.


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