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Liver Biopsy

Hi all

So I have return back to the Hepatologist And had some more blood tests done.

He called me today to say that I need a liver biopsy because the part of my liver at was stable has gone up some more from last time and he thinks that I have another autoimmune companion running along side my pbc I am trying not to worry but it is hard not to he said that they need to now so they can give me treatment to help.

They did mention HIA overlap syndrome at the moment After being diagnosed In 2015 with pbc I still thank god have no symptoms And hope this will still continue I do however worry about my future I am going to still try and eat healthy and continue to exercise I have now joined the gym and I am really enjoying it I go three times a week I still work full time as a night care assistant and I love my job I am hoping that I can tell continue to do all these things.

Thank you all for your great support 😘

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I know it is not easy but try not to worry overly about the biopsy. Someone who has recently had one reported that the worst was being still the 4 hours after. My biopsy is so long ago now I do not remember much other than a pain in my right shoulder which did not last long and one that the doctor advised I would have. The biopsy will confirm the possible overlap and there are treatments available. Perhaps someone with more experience will come along soon and be able to share their story. For me now I eat more healthily than I did before PBC and I do more exercise these days. I hope you will be able to continue all these things as I think a positive mind helps a positive body.

best wishes


I just had one three months ago with CT scan. The biopsy was done no real discomfort. It staged my liver. I also got diagnosed with PBC. I had biopsy I. 2004 and was diagnosed with AUG. So I have overlap. The biopsy stage 2 did not change in 14 years. This is a good thing. Taking ursodiol now. Only side effect is some muscle pain. I still work etc. Next blood test is in November to see if medicine is working and if they have to treat AIH also. I am in the U S and 62 years old. First time I have taken meds for any of this.


Good luck 🙏


Thank you x

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