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Varices Banding


Having my varices banded for the 3rd time tomorrow. First time was after I had a bleed which they think was associated with my blood thinners (pradaxa) i was on. I have two questions if you ever had your varices banded. How many times/how often you had to get it done. Secondly what did you use for pain. All i can remember was even swallowing water was extremely painful. All i was offered was Chloraseptic throat spray. It only eased my pain for a few seconds. First time i had 7-8 bandings and the next time it went down from 6-7 banding. Can’t remember the exact number.

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Sorry to see no one has been able to help here and I have no experience of banding. I hope all has gone well for you and hope you are not in to much pain.

I had trouble with varicies in 2015-16. Once one was banded then I had to have a recheck a month later, this kept happening for 6 months. Before they gave me a green light to wait threemo this.onthe third month they found a new one, they went to band it and due to scleroderma damage in esophagus the band did not hold. Massive bleed occurred immediately, of which, my doctor later deemed me to be a miracle because I lived through it. They transported me to the main hospital which is perhaps the best transplant center in my state. He asked for a TIPS to be performed. They did not do that at first, and I had another life threatening bleed three dYs later, while still in a coma. The TIPS was completed, I spent 9 days in ICU in a com and another 8 days in recovery. But I have not had a varicie since the TIPS was done. The TIPS is evaluated annually, I still get an endo done every three to four months. I have never had any pain from an endo or banding.

I live in Fraser, Michigan, USA

Sorry to hear that

Could you enlighten me how the basic symptoms will be?

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