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Alcohol cases alight amas

Hi all. I was speaking to a (not very close) friend yesterday about my pbc diagnosis. After asking me how I'd been diagnosed (high let, ama and itching) she began to question her own diagnosis. She has similar to me but was a heavy drinker for many years, although stopped last year with help. Her doc has put all her symptoms and blood tests down to the years of drinking. My understanding was (only recently diagnosed) that high amas point to pbc. Could excessive alcohol use cause them to be high? We are meeting up again at the weekend. Should I be telling her to bring this up with her doc and ask for more testing? I don't know enough myself to really be giving advice but I know she will ask questions

Thanks in advance

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Hi Rleo

It is good to have someone, albeit not a close friend, to talk about our diagnosis. Sometimes just bouncing ideas back and forth can help to clarify our own thoughts however it should not replace the advice from that persons own doctor. If your friend is worried about her diagnosis can she find another doctor who will look at her symptoms with fresh eyes?

Having said that you may like to look at the PBC Foundation member's section where there is a wealth of information on diagnosis of PBC. Your friend may have been a heavy drinker but being a heavy drinker is not a trigger for PBC however heavy drinking may cause alcoholic fatty liver disease but as she is no longer drinking there is hope that the damage caused by alcohol abuse can be stopped and in some cases the liver can recover somewhat.

Here are a couple of links which may help




hope this is of some help to you

best wishes


I was a wine drinker. When I stopped drinking my lft's came down avout 10 pts. Two weeks later my lft's shot up again and 3 months later some of them were going off the charts. I told them they should give me the wine back but they said "no"



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