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I wonder if someone can help answer questions about the PBC foundation. I live in the US. On December 30 I filled out all the information to join the PBC foundation. After filling it out it said we will contact you. I received nothing for weeks. I then filled it out again with a message that said how I had already submitted my information on December 30 and never got a reply. Now a week has gone by and I still have not heard anything. What am I doing wrong? Can I call them from the US? If so how?

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Yes you can call them i phoned them from ireland and they were very helpful



You can email, but remember it's a small organisation and it does take time for the advisors to answer. But if you call them you will find they are really helpful.


Hi Dwaffle16

The PBC Foundtion had to move its offices over the New Year period. I wonder if your message was lost along the way. They are a small organisation so sometimes answers take a while, however have you tried contacting them on their face book page or you can use messenger and ask them if you can have a skype conversation which of course would not cost you whereas a telephone call from America to Scotland may be quite expensive.

Worth a try?

Hope you get through.


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