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So much anxiety. 22 years old

Hello Everyone!

My name is Emily and I am in the process of getting a diagnosis. I have had my ultrasound and it has come back with Fatty Infiltration and are matched with my blood test results which indicate auto immune liver disease.

It all started 6 months ago when I began getting a twitchy liver. Than the pain started. Ive already got rheumatoid and when I found someone talking about a twitchy liver and they explained they had pbc, I started doing further investigations and knew once I started reading other people on this sites symptoms that it was quite possible that this may be what I have.

From the fatigue, to the heart burn, the itch, the strange taste in mouth and thinking food was of or bad but apparently to everyone else its not, and so many other symptoms people on here talk about. It seems like it can cause so many issues.

I am suffering with pretty bad pain and also have mild splenomegaly. I feel like something catches in my liver area when I bend over or sit a certain way.

Im nervous to find the results out.



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Take a deep breath and consult with your dr..pbc effects everyone differently so don’t get streets until you are confirmed

Good luck


As Sachin1234 has said wait for your diagnosis. PBC is a rare/uncommon disease which is more prevalent in the upper age group. Having said that there are younger people who are affected. PBC seems to affect everyone at different levels and if you are diagnosed with it you may lead a perfectly normal life, some lifestyle changes will help such as eating healthily and cutting out all sugary products and shop bought pre-prepared meals and avoiding high content salt. When you have your results let us know how you are doing and what help is being offered.

best wishes

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