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EASL Guidelines Lay Version

As I hope you are aware (and those of you who are registered with the Foundation will have seen them in your latest Bear Facts), we have published a patient version of the EASL guidelines.

We are looking for feedback on the document. This is for a few reasons burt one of them is to take back to EASL to prove they are helpful for patients.

Ideally, could you please reply below and also add the country in which you live?

Many thanks,


4 Replies

I have printed a copy to refer to on next hep appointment on 20 October.

Pleased with it so far.


I have saved a copy so that I can refer to it as need be. It also reassured me that my Doctors have done everything right. I am in the UK.


I have printed mine of and will be taking it with me to next appointment only diagnosed sept I'm in the uk


Just bringing this back to the fore... any more experiences with the lay guideline?


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