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Feeling much better

Hi everyone

I have the ERCP Friday one week ago. First day was rough but has been up hill ever since. The abdominal pain has pretty much gone.

I’m still fatigued but can work around that.

I went to see a psychologist because being diagnosed with PBC was just another item on a long list of stressors. ( one of which was that I lost my husband 2014 to cancer after being diagnosed just 26 days before)

Many changes including new relationship etc

The Long and short of it being almost pain free is giving me so much more hope.

Also reading the stories on here about so many coping and going on to live fairly good lives makes me realize that I can do this.

Thanks everyone for sharing your stories and for the encouragement you provide to all of us.

I read every line with interest.


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Great to read your update. I applaud you getting psychologist help. The dx and all the rest can just pile on... so I find a good therapist can be a lifeline.

And I'm so sorry about your loss- how traumatic that must have been. Oh my. Thanks for sharing today and I pray you have many more UP days.


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