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Help...Allergic to new carpet and perfume etc, is this part of liver disease?

Hi all

We had a new carpet laid over 8 days ago and I am still unable to go into the sitting room which has been aired all the time and vacuumed by my other half..without my eyes itching and throat hurting, also itching on hands and head.....I dont itch that much normally. Its quite depressing as I dont know wnat we can do...,obviously there must be various chemicals etc in the carpet but I havent been this bad before. i also have never been that good with perfume or my partners after shave but Its got much worse.

Has anyone experienced this? Could it be liver related suddenly? i am at stage 4 PBC.

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I have always been sensitive to new carpet smell (it's the chemicals used in the backing and in the synthetics that is off gassing-- it causes the reaction.)

I also cannot be in new car for the same reason -- the "new car smell" that people love is actually the plastics used on dashboards etc that is outgassing. There is movement to limit amounts Just as they've done with levels of formaldehyde in building products, laminate flooring etc.

The link above shows a product made by company AFM. They make products for people like me-- This product is used to seal in that new carpet "smell". Company has been around forever making products for chemically sensitive folks like me.

You can also get an air cleaner that specifically handles odor- chemical smell- but ones that really work are not cheap. IQ Air is a manufacturer that makes such machines. Wish you the best. I understand what you are dealing with. I cannot be in a room with new carpeting.

Sorry to hear this is effecting you.


hi bobbycat sorry to hear u having probs i am not medical but i would say not pbc more like allergiez my friends daughter sufferd after they had new carpet they only kept it down for 12wks if u have the allergies might be worth trying piroton obv check if u are allowed if your on other meds i can t remember which way round it was but it was either the carpet to be 100%wool or manmade hope you sort it x

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I get nasty headaches around some smells. Its been that way for years

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