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Hi Everyone

I need your help, please... I am in the process of buying a house for the first time and no insurance will cover me for critical life insurance. Also, I am planning on going on holiday and it is the same issue.

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You can get insurances for going on Holliday. As for my mortgage although I was not I'll at the time I was asked if I wanted critical insurance added but turned it down, but that was 15 years ago, I am sure it's out there.

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Thanks, but I got a broker and they tried all insurance suppliers and because of my illness no one will insure me

I couldn't get life insurance when we moved house and got a new mortgage 11 years ago. and I've never declared my PBC with holiday insurance, although my PBC has been quite stable for the past 15 years.

So it is normal not to get cover for our illness? That is concerning... I'm guessing I'm not the only one with this issue.

I had a nurse come around for an assessment and then they said no, no life insurance! I did tell the consultant at the time and he was quite surprised and said he would write a letter saying I was fine to get the insurance. But he never did and I never chased it up.

I couldn't get life insurance either. Think the insurance companies are still going by outdated information instead of looking at the individuals needs. Hopefully this will change at some point.

I was diagnosed at 27 so not being able to get any insurance in the future is scary and no fair considering I am stable etc

Where do u live... all turned for insurance? I have it through my retirement and there are all kinds of comericals for insurance with no health questions or exams.... one through aarp and one through prudential

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I'm in uk. Can get one of the commercial ones when over 50. Which covers you up to a certain amount. But because I'm under 50 and was looking for one that covers the mortgage it's no good. I had one before but of course as soon as the renewal came up they weren't interested.

I get cover from Staysure. For the last 10 years. I have other health issues as well as PBC. Just renewed last month for year. As long as you tell them of all your health problems and medications you take.

I'm not sure of other prices as none to compare. Just pleased I'm covered.

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