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Advice for fatty liver

Hi everyone. I've been diagnosed with PBC for about 2 yrs, on Ursovsnd my blood tests show it's stabilised. I've had an ultrasound scan due to pain around the liver. Results have come back today and it says I have a slight fatty liver.

Is this something that happens with PBC or an extra concern? Any advice as to what I can do? Is there a diet i need or anything I can do?

I am 47 yrs old, have around a stone in weight to lose.

Any advice as to diet and exercise or meds is hugely appreciated.

Thank you! Best wishes


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Hi, Caroline.

We are not aware of a link between PBC and NAFLD (Fatty Liver Disease). However, they are not mutually exclusive. It is possible to have one then develop the other.

The first line therapy for NAFLD is lifestyle choice: healthy eating regime and regular exercise. It can be enormously successful but the biggest factor is user compliance!! i.e. you decide how successful it will be with your choices.

I have met many people personally who have improved their NAFLD numbers very quickly with good choices. As an aside, those good choices will also help PBC management, particularly symptoms. So, it's win-win!!

As ever, if you need or wish to contact me directly, you would be welcome to do so...



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Hi Caroline-12

I was fortunate to be involved in a study where my liver was mapped using an MRI scanner. In 2016 this process found my liver to be fatty in addition to the PBC which was diagnosed in 2006. Earlier this year the process was repeated and my fat marker was much reduced. In that year I had lost over a stone in weight and changed my diet. To lose the weight I had removed potatoes, bread and pasta almost completely from my diet and found foods low in fat, sugar and salt suited me well. In the winter I started making my own soups from scratch so I knew what I was eating and in the summer a variety of salads made for tasty eating. Weather permitting I was walking at least 30 minutes each day and when it was not possible I got on my static bike and watched a bit of TV while pedalling. There is an article on NHS choices which includes diet recommendations :-


which you may find of interest.

best wishes


Hi ButterflyEi

Thank you very much for your reply, it's been really helpful to me.

Well done you! Sounds like you really got control of your health and went for it, a great achievement!

So, I aim to lose a stone and have a rethink of my diet.

Thank you!

Here's wishing you continued health

Caroline-12 😊

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