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Stabbing pain, left of center, under ribs. PBC?

When I breathe deeply, raise my arms or am lying on my left hand side I am getting very sharp stabbing pains. It makes it hard to breathe sometimes. The pain is located just below and to the left of my sternum. It comes and goes.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is it PBC related?

Thanks for your replies! I appreciate the knowledge and support.

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Hi Terralynn

Doesn't sound as if it's pbc related to me. Maybe a pulled muscle? Does it feel like a "stitch" kind of pain you can get if running .




I've had gallbladder pain and it's not really sharp stabbing pain, more like a gnawing kind of pain in my case. Also I don't think it would get worse with movement.

the other thing I thought of was costochondritis? Might be better to see your gp Terralynn, or have a word with your chemist.


Thanks for your reply. Definitely not a stitch. A lot more intense. I'll bring it up with my specialist this week.


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